Summer, sea, sun, beach

Summer, sea, sun, beach

manygoodtips.com_17.07.2014_2YI9GJitsugTDSummer — a time when thousands of city residents who are tired of routine office routine, going on vacation to the sea. And there, on the coast, reasonable and moderate citizens, they turn into wild animals, captured by instinct, completely devoid of reason.

No, no one thinks to tell you not to break away on vacation. Rest is sacred. We just want to protect you from the negative effects of your «margin».

1. Try not to stare

Even when you think you’re doing it in secret, believe me, she sees. As if hot were vooon that brunette, whatever she’s got great Tits, for God’s sake, restrain yourself. First, the probability that she will want to drink in a bar with someone who just drooled in her direction, as the last imbecile, is extremely small, and secondly, there is always the risk of getting what the fucking-fuck from someone who drank with her at the bar for you.

2. Wear sunglasses

First, they really protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which can cause a lot of diseases, from conjunctivitis, ending cataracts, and glaucoma.

Secondly, with the cool glasses you look cool, it’s a fact.

Thirdly, deaf black glasses reduce the risk that she’ll notice you staring.

3. Beware of the waves

Of course, you were too cool to be afraid some water, but, dude, trust the experience of many generations of visitors, these things are indeed very tricky. You yourself will not notice how will take you far out to sea, and the strength to overcome the force of the waves to get to shore, may not be enough.

4. Don’t drink

In any case, not more than one bottle of beer, guy. If you’ve noticed that you don’t have to be drunk to have your body no longer listen to you. Simple enough by degrees to break the neurological idyll of your body. It’s one thing to go out on a lightly tripping feet from the bar and italicise in the post — here it will cost a few bruises and bumps, and quite another matter to lose orientation in space and control of the limbs, being in the sea.

COP reports in this regard is clear: the absolute majority of the drowned were drunk.

4. Don’t hang around on the beach around the clock

Every summer the resorts of Krasnodar region is filled with crowds of «Redskins». No, this is not about South American Indians, the color of the skin of which is still closer to brown than to red. We mean people who are recognizable by their distinctive, ranging from dark Burgundy to bright red tint of the skin. Name them — Tourists From Norilsk. Seriously, a lot of guests from the Northern regions of our country, which, owing to the geographical position of their home, rarely have the opportunity to escape to the South, to the sun, I consider it my sacred duty will zacopride 20 years forward and back, like a stranded Dolphin around the clock lying on the beach.

We won’t condemn those who are hungry for the warmth of the northerners — they can understand. We only encourage you, lover of the sun, and to common sense. Besides the terrible pain, fever and other effects of sunburn, there are still a number of long-term «bonuses» excessive enthusiasm of the beach, such as melanoma (skin cancer), premature aging of the skin (just like nicotine) and many more.

Sunbathe on the beach in the morning with the sunrise and to 10-11 in the morning and in the evening after 7. The rest of the time dedicated to eating barbecue, postchallenge sleep, sex, rock-n-roll…

Because so many of the joys are on vacation, man! Don’t forget that.

5. Don’t ignore the sunscreen

This item is an addition to the previous one. Seriously, normally I want to relax and not sit in a hotel room with burns, apply sunscreen. Everywhere. And don’t be shy to ask a friend to smear you back. Seriously, health is more important than prejudice.

6. Do not get carried away water procedures

If you happened to be in the (pioneer)camps, you probably remember how after 20-30 minutes of swimming, the counselors drove you and your friends out of the water. Actually, they did it not so much out of hatred for children, but because long splashing in the water can lead to hypothermia and colds.

The problem is that the water is easy to miss, as freeze. So do the breaks, get out on the beach, even if you haven’t been to the sea and it is not going to be back soon

7. Don’t leave without their belongings

And tablets, cameras, laptops do not take them with me to the sea. With the exception of private beaches attached to the health resorts of the Premium beach in our country — the territory is not guarded. Even stealing towels, not to mention technology.

So be careful with towels and don’t tempt thieves with his iPad. Better leave it to the hotel intact.

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