Summer in Hawaiian shirts

Summer in Hawaiian shirts


In the summer, inspired by good movies of the 80s and freedom-loving spirit of Hawaii, many people buy their famous colorful shirts. Especially now, when the country was engulfed in unbearable heat, and such an easy elegant outfit appears to be most relevant.

The cool kids wore this unpretentious character «the 50th state», however, do not think that such a bright, Sunny and windy no attribute of its rules. There are rules in everything, even if you’re wearing a bright fabric with lovely boats, which tend in cotton blue palm trees and just national ornaments.

A bit of history


Shirt, in fact, is the product of mixing of different cultures. According to legend, the first of them began to sew settled on the Islands, the Japanese, and from an old kimono. Actually, this explains diversity patterns. Such bright and unusual things liked by local residents and tourists. Gradually, the production of these items of clothing acquired a wide scale. And the cause is a descendant of Chinese, settled in Hawaii Ellery Chan, made with the production of shirts successful business. No wonder they finished gonna go with Yale University.

After the war, the soldiers began to return home with such shirts as Souvenirs from the 50th state, which has considerably increased their popularity in the United States. To emphasize the authenticity «of gavac», since 1950, the labels began to write «Made in Hawaii».

To recover the interest in Hawaiian traditions, music and customs, in 1947 it was decided to organize a festival Aloha Week. He was successful and helped Hawaiian clothes once again regain its popularity. Gradually, these shirts began to be promoted as office clothes, and since 1970, they officially cemented this position. Administration County of Honolulu adopted a resolution allowing its employees to wear sports shirts from June-October. The «Aloha shirt» became a national symbol of Hawaii and still is one of the main export products, along with such advantages as sugar.

In Russia «the Hawaiian» at one time was considered a symbol of wealth. Looking toward the sky, palm trees and sailboats were considered to be especially steep after Hollywood comedies, after all, if Schwarzenegger in «Twins» is not afraid to get into the, then it’s cool.

Modern Hawaiian shirt is made of very thin cotton or silk. They are spacious cut, with short sleeves, V-neck collar and with a variety of ornaments that reflect the history and cultural traditions of the Hawaiian people.

Freedom in everything


Hawaiian shirts are untucked, and they differ from conventional elongated cut. In fact, they should be 25-30 cm below the waist. By the way, the Hawaiians are prone to obesity. It just so happened that the flexible active natives, who eat healthy food, they became lazy walruses. Well incompatible of their tropical organisms with burgers! But they come to the aid of a spacious shirt, perfectly conceal the fullness of their teles.

Shirt with Hawaiian print – this is the height of ease. Neformalna this shirt – only to walk around naked. In any case, not podposite it and not make! It is a crime! And, of course, noses without a tie or butterfly. God forbid! They, of course, are in the office, but only in Hawaii, where eternal summer. This is the flag of recreation, therefore, it is not necessary to go to work. How would not like.

You pick the most comfortable shirt is definitely casual. It should not be-skinny, or about your orientation will be thinking the same thing and the orientation of participants of group «Tea together» at the dawn of his glorious career.

The combination of


The Hawaiian shirt is joy, is happiness. She, as a flag of joy, stretched on your carcass. And the flag is always colorful. Therefore, if in such casual clothing you want to look adequately, you pick solid color shorts or pants. Pantaloons of the same color as the shirt, will make you think about you bad things and you’ll look like a Dolphin that’s caught in the rudder of a boat. Therefore, even pants in a small cage will not do. Sun, palm trees, flowers and CAGE! The horror, the combination of incongruous. But «Bermuda» (only without the triangles, as in the song of Ilya Lagutenko), long bottoms (if you’re on vacation) or light light trousers would be a perfect choice.


In fact, you don’t choose the shirt, shirt chooses you. A sacred relationship exists between the textile product is soaked in the magic of the ancient Hawaiian shamans, and the occasional buyer. It’s like the purchase of a magic wand in the «Harry Potter».

To be quite honest, despite the long history of tropical shirts, nobody will take them seriously. In fact, it is so hard to talk about some rules. Rather, these rules fashionable pseudo-squeeze. Well, if you’re a complete, clumsy and inept, then it will not look as tanned pull up macho. However, let’s be Frank: neat everything looks good. Therefore, the main rule of wearing the shirt is…

The main rule


The most important rule is that, wearing it, you should feel the freedom to be ready for the adventure. It is important to the sense of self. If you feel at ease, the shirt wraps around your body, you feel it of course, and the sweat sticks your shirt to the body, then all is well. In the end, keep the brand, after all, how many tough guys wore this outfit – from hunter S. Thompson to Tom Selek, who made the canonical image of a mustachioed guy in «the Aloha shirt».

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