Summer cocktail with beer

Summer cocktail with beer

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2014_Eo6sYSHLDGMOKFinally we can confidently declare: «the summer came». For all of us this blessed time of shorts, the sea, sandals, the brew of machines and other refreshing fermented beverages. For example, a cocktail based on beer fits perfectly into the concept of summer.

Beer in the summer is just what the doctor ordered. If you combine it with a stronger drink and fruit juice will make a great cocktail for parties or for get-togethers at home in the evening of a long day. It is refreshing and at the same time not too sweet.

To prepare this cocktail, you need a wheat beer and whisky. Freshly squeezed lemon juice will add tartness, and spicy ginger perfectly complement the picture. This cocktail and drink can be too good!

  • 80 ml lemon juice;
  • 30 ml ginger juice;
  • 60 ml whiskey;
  • a wheat beer.

First you need to grate the ginger root and squeeze it through cheesecloth to get the ginger juice. Then press out the lemon, letting the juice through the hands to catch the seeds. Lemon and ginger juice, pour it into a pint of beer, topped up with Bourbon, throw a handful of ice (the glass should be filled about half full) and add to the end of a wheat beer. Gently stir and enjoy!

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