Suit to Helloyou: how to make it not sad

We like this holiday and do not care that he is not from our country. If people can spend a gorgeous time one more extra day in the year, then that’s their business. And we only help.

So, now the beginning of the week. Halloween for nothing, and you have no costume. And where can I get it? Every second the edition writes about how to make something from scrap vehicles: bringing, Jason, Freddy and more. But we’ve had enough of these characters. Bursts like this to a Halloween party where the girls hang from the ceiling on iron hooks, and all within a solid Jasony, Jokers and vampires. Kind of awkward that everywhere the monotony mixed with a poor imagination. Carnivals – this topic is not only pleasant to friends, and better come up with a costume more interesting. Focus on the uniqueness and rejoice in the result.


If you want to be outrageous dude who exudes wealth and goes everywhere with his «bitches», then you have to be a pimp in this celebration of death. First, you should change the color to black. With this you can easily manage, we believe in you! Then you need to understand how the real pimps. To do this, look at the photos of annual fees pimps «player’s Ball» and develop their style to the point of absurdity.

In General, here’s what you need to know:

1. Pimp radiates wealth. More shining pieces on body, rings, rings, chains with large gold letters. There is still a timeless classic – a massive dollar sign, but it is a little tired. More grotesque in this regard. Knock a couple of front teeth and stood there gold, or use gold linings to simulate. Silver, too fine a sense of proportion does not exist for you.

2. A pimp always a bright man. The basis of a pimp is a bright costume. This refers to the pants, jacket and shirt. You can combine different colors, but you can take an all in one bright eyes burn tone. A good pimp colors: purple, yellow, bright red. Instead, you can use a leopard or Golden color. The jacket should be slightly longish, and generally let everyone sitting freely, but not like gangsta rappers.

3. Cool cane. Even if you perfectly move on your own two, you still need a good kind of cane. You can take a cane to his grandmother, but will have to work hard on the design. Cane as well as all you need to radiate luxury and lack of taste. You can style it under ivory and decorated with bright stones, can be styled with a leopard skin in the purple spectrum and a little bit glossy lacquer. We should also think about the focus. Use it for any nonsense, which will turn up under your hand: model of a rolls-Royce, Golden gun, Ramzan Akhmatovich or some kind of glowing ball.

4. Coat over a jacket. It would be better to use a coat of some of the present large and expensive beast that is on the verge of extinction. Probably, therefore, never saw green and pimps in the same room. But there are other options. For example, some coats, bright and long, or long, such a good Bathrobe to the floor – the main thing that was lush. Bathrobe, you can take almost any colour, but recommend the color milk – white, not strange, like pimps from the East coast.

5. Hat. Like al Capone or in this fashion. However, you can turn on your imagination and yourself to find the appropriate form. Well, good advice: pick up a hat to match the coat, or robe, that is, to the outer clothing.

6. You have to have cool glasses. Not aviators, my God, but something bigger and more. They can also be decorate with stones if you really really want to get into the character.

7. Damn pimp Cup. You know, like fans of football teams? If the selected «rose», then you have lost the honor and generally goof. The same pimps with their trophies – this is the most important thing in the life of a pimp, and the Cup should always be in your hand. What – no difference. Each personalized Cup of your own. But you can look in the souvenir shops some massive and bright in the Cup, which subsequently should be well decorated with all sorts of things. Can cover his drinking Cup, a good layer of gold paint, stick to the Cup, all sorts of shiny stones. In General, consider what could drink medieval king – that’s the thing you need.

In General, for us it is the trump suit, but it is not so easy to implement, so we brought you some more cool options.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar is now in Vogue. About it shoot films and TV shows, many people try to find this criminal human face. And although it really was a bad guy, he left his mark on the culture and history. Maybe because he was a controversial figure, even though I put a lot of people. Now when I say «Colombian drug Lord», the first to remember Pablo. If Halloween is the night of monsters, then why not dress up in the style of Escobar?

1. Impeccable white suit color of any drug Lord. Choose wisely – it needs perfect shape to be a classic. White shirt and cream jacket. It is not obligatory to fasten all the buttons on – you are the master of life and can afford to negligence.

2. Whiskers, which are referred to as «Copstash Standard». Like you saw in many films of the 80s, they were usually the cops, but Pablo also wore them, although I wasn’t a COP.

3. Points. In General, we were not able to find one photo of Pablo, where he was in sunglasses. Maybe it was just not made to do these pictures, God knows. But some classic aviators you need.

4. Here, tips extra. Just look how this looks like a formidable guy in the photo, or look at Del Toro, who played him in «Paradise Lost». But not the second half of the film where he looks like a Taliban fighter.

5. Well, to fall into the stereotypes don’t forget to take some cigar, definitely Cuban, and a package of white powdery sand. Rolled into a tube bill and the silver saucer will complement your look.

Vincent VEGA

Same that of crime fiction, the hero of John Travolta. The film, incidentally, listed as a cultural heritage of the United States, we like him too. This is probably the best Tarantino film, especially to see that now is removed.

1. Of course, the hair. For this you will have to grow their hair and cover them with gel to Shine.

2. A good black suit and long black tie. If from a funeral home.

3. You’re a hired killer, and therefore should have the layout of some of the barrel. He pointedly protruding from your pocket. And then there are the guns from which you can shoot a shot of whisky or gin.

4. You don’t like Vincent, if you won’t get your perfect shirt fake blood. The great red spot should be closer to the neck.

5. Instead of a gun can take a large syringe with adrenaline.


That’s just a Scarecrow for the modern world? Of course, this action of the Islamic state. If you are not afraid to get under the hand of, law-enforcement officers who do not understand your humor, then you can dress them. There are, of course, a small problem. For all video that we found online, it is impossible to determine exactly what to wear to the terrorists. Some wear normal military uniforms, others are wrapped in different black armor, than become like music listeners witchhouse. But we will try to help you.

1. First, dressed in ordinary soldier. Need typical military clothing in the desert theme, because Syria is known for its barren deserts.

2. On top put the black cloth that was below the belt (knee) and spacious, almost like a dress. In this fabric you have to feel at home, and fashionable.

3. If you have time to grow a matted beard, and it will be the first guy in the Jihad. They love that stuff, like tangled beard is somehow connected with religion.

4. And of course, a toy Kalashnikov rifle.

5. Completing this extraordinary costume for Halloween Arabic turban. Without it in any way. You can, of course, completely cover the head of another black cloth, but it is already fraught with misunderstanding.

The lone loser

And the last option for you, friend. The easiest and anything from you does not require. Just enough to break in to a costume party without a costume. By the way, most unloved and most often our suit. But what not every year is something worthwhile on this subject in our city. Hope you get lucky. If you have your options (without the «ravens» please!), then write in the comments. Remember all the rage last season, was dressed as a bloody strip, maybe this year will be something more interesting?

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