Suddenly I’m the asshole? Other non-obvious ways to ruffle

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_Yfdam3hdSohM6Imagine what perdimonokl: you live, suspect nothing, and then one day (although anyone) know what really piss everyone off their innocent habit, say, scrunch with your fingers. The world will immediately cease to be for you thus to think, all those years of people acted on the nerves, irritate, drip on the brain — and didn’t even know about it! What are you then a good person? So good, still good. Only here nasty habits best to quit. What?

Endless conversations about your favorite team

Oh, they went to the playoffs? In the quarter-finals? In the semi-finals? In the finale? Wow, this is fun! And what goal was scored by the new player! And this is the biggest mess! So, go on, very interesting, perhaps your interlocutor already mentally turned on white noise and does not recognize it.

You do not remove label from cap with flat visor

So tired already, damn, how many times? Would you still agricom from a poor American neighborhood — we would understand, but this is Russia, here you look twice the fool. Take off the sticker on the cap so it is new and that you carefully chose her.

You grunt at the gym when weight training weight

It is so possible to behave, but only if you’re a powerlifter and you are dealing with serious weight otherwise, leave these sounds for the bedroom.

Are you doing selfies in the bathroom

To perpetuate itself on the background of urinals is why? Is that necessary? Without it, you cease to be yourself?

You leave a minimal tip (or complete lack thereof)

Then do not be surprised that foods you endure 20 minutes: Sknar nobody likes.

You wear sunglasses indoors or in the evening

Why? Are You Jack Nicholson? You’re a rock star? You got that Shiner? If all of these questions you answered «no,» probably points better off.

You brag about their Dating

And can between to to casually throw into the conversation the name of a famous person and a furtive look, what impression it produces. The most pathetic, dude. It is unlikely that someone as proud of his acquaintance with you.

You keep empty bottles of expensive alcohol

And give them kind of trophies. And they’re not reminiscent of a terrible hangover? And anyway, don’t you feel sorry for their place in your wardrobes? Even uglier, if these treasures have ceased to sparkle and covered with a considerable layer of dust. No style, no beauty, no originality — these interior parts will not add anything to you.

Are you texting during Dating

Going to do so — the evening will end with watching porn with the screen of your favorite smartphone.

You spoiler without warning

Do not feel ashamed? I want to enjoy the story, or disappointed in it yourself. You’re spoiling all the suspense.

Do you wear a cell phone on belt in a pouch

No, dude. No. It was cool in the nineties, and now as you find yourself aging and also devoid of taste. The same cashier is love Bluetooth headsets.

Are you tired of everyone throwing a link to «funny video YouTube»

Sure: this is the longest and most unfunny video on this whole Videophone.

You sing old songs indie bands to karaoke

Who needs the damn whiners Oasis, when everyone was drunk and having fun to the fullest? Everyone needs a Michael Krug and «Oh God what kind of man» — I guarantee it. Even if in real life these people are listening to good music. It’s karaoke! Here good that was as bad!

You give advice when you don’t ask

Thank you, very valuable advice that you can stick yourself right… you know where.

Traditional: photos of food on Instagram

Do you really want to show people this wonderful soup? These tasty eggs? These, God forgive me, rolls in the shape of snails?

You go to a concert in a t-shirt with her logo

This is similar to the naive dudes from head to toe dressed in clothes of the same brand — looks ridiculous and childish.

You buy jeans with holes

Why pay for a Vice? Revile good — they will tear. So tear yourself, at worst, ruining the thing, if you like so much spoiled things. But to pay for something someone designer ripped your pants is the height of idiocy.

You demand to take the last piece

E, others also want! Had to ask.

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