Such different bikes

It is time to learn to distinguish motorcycles from each other in appearance and characteristics. And just know that so Yamaha Harley Davidson. Useful if you are picking your bike or miss the old racing simulators like «Harley Davidson race to the rally». In the end, the motorcycle is very cool. Even a bad text is not able to spoil them.

1. Chopper


Usually ladies say about him: «Big, beautiful, like «Harley Davidson». And it’s true…

They appeared in the middle of the last century, in the years not very cheerful, but it was after the war. The violent generation that spawned the Beatles and the sexual revolution, tried to make a bulky draft horses beautiful Arabian horses. It is difficult to call the old Harley Davidson and Indian mares, but that generation believed them to be such. They found nothing better than just shooting with famous motorcycles all in their view was unnecessary: windshield, front fenders, turn signals, tail lights, saddlebags, backrest of the passenger seat. Big wheels were replaced with smaller, lighter versions with the back – wider front. Reduced front headlight and the size of the gas tank. To reduce the weight even filmed rear suspension. Plug much brought forward, and the steering wheel was uncomfortable bobbed up. A large number of chrome parts is an integral part of this class of motorcycles. Comfortable? Not much, but a similar horse for many years was the attribute of a tough guy, a lone wolf that roams route 66 by the roar of Steppenwolf, what lives one day and is not afraid even of the devil.

Over time, however, the creators began to consider this important detail, as the ride comfort. In fact, commercially available motorcycles can not be called a chopper, because it is a work of engineering is the driver. But some manufacturers produce motorcycles in the style of «chopper». In such «horses» – large seats (for the rider and for the passenger). Very often in the choppers there is a sound system. Oh, and most importantly – a large size, because the motorcycle is for big strong guys, not for brats. It is usually not necessary strong engines. But the torque of these bikes is very high, it allows you to move almost without the addition of gas.

It is worth noting that the Patriotic bikers managed to make choppers from the «Ural» and»Dnepr». The Soviet processing tried very hard to be like their foreign colleagues, and sometimes it worked.

The fit of a motorcycle video that allows the «rider» sit, proudly leaning back and forward through the steps, it is convenient to arrange the legs. Such beauties, as a rule, very heavy and clumsy though, like trolls, manage equally comfortable and easy because of the torque and soft suspension.

In short, the bike is for tough guys like broadside Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man, well, legendary Billy and Wyatt from easy rider, which made the horses a element of mass culture.

2. Sportbike


It is not strange, but in Russia it is the most popular form of motorbike, which is not surprising, because in this country the less likely places to ride such bikes.

For lovers of this motorcycle looks no less impressive than the beautiful red chopper. Someone seems roundish and resembles a postage stamp, but really, when you see it live, every cell of the body is impregnated with the power! And a special lightweight plastic that is covered with this bike, worth more than the chrome on the chopper.

Sportbike – motorcycle for speed: frame of aluminum alloy 4-cylinder engines with 16-valve 2-shaft cylinder heads, variable camshaft timing. A horse is rarely seen on the street, because of the traffic it was not designed. And it is not very convenient to surf the traffic congestion on these beauties, judge for yourself: sit comfortably, because they have aggressive, landing supine; the foot pegs are higher than other types of motorcycles, due to this foot pressed to the body. It’s motorcycles for a thrill, for those who are accustomed to seeing reality blurred. They are lightweight, great attention is paid to the aerodynamics. Usually plastic fairings completely cover the bike. They direct the air flow at the sides. Most sport bikes accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds! It’s faster than 99% of the vaunted sports cars.

However, this beauty will cost you a pretty penny. Yes there very very expensive! And after requires serious investment. And even the vaunted plastic quite successfully broken. So the led sportbike is recommended to individuals who have an idea of what riding a motorcycle. First, in order not to ruin this beauty, and secondly, to learn to ride on it is tantamount to perebirayu road on a red light on a busy highway. If you learned to ride on this, congratulations – you can not write about it in the comments.

3. Enduro


The main differences from a cross – back and front headlight, speedometer, mirrors, muffler, turn signals.

A real beast! He doesn’t care, there is a road, no it – it goes everywhere! Loved by many for something that is easy enough to master, control, and itself is very easy. Because of this elegance and lightness gives unlimited freedom of movement. The roads he is not afraid that the driver wasn’t afraid of it.

It would, like Enduro and motocross motorcycles, but intended for other purposes: racing & driving, according to the most bitter places where tanks would not pass. So there are differences in appearance: rear and front headlight, speedometer, mirrors, muffler, turn signals.

It will not develop astronomical speed, and why? However, the Enduro is very convenient to grasp the basics of driving a motorcycle, as in running and braking, it is almost no equal. And maneuverability on his hand, especially if you’re trying to get out of the tube first. Experienced riders to show them aerobatics, obscenely all potential bumps, because the best «horse» for these cases not to find, except maybe jumper.

To someone externally, it will remind you skinny sheep, but those who have once felt the charm of riding an Enduro, know what his «discipline» he has no equal.

4. Classic


Classic, it is everywhere classics – the Golden mean between those who fear a crazy speed sportbike and who considers himself insufficiently brutal to the chopper, or the perfect option for those who do not have enough money for the first two. By the way, if not a classic, there would be chopper, because those are the first victims of motorcycle fashion was from this noble family.

A learn the basics of driving a motorcycle on the classics. However, then remain faithful to this model all your life, because it is the perfect bike for the every day motorcycle for those who do not need pathos (Yes, not all motorcyclists pathos), in fact, a motorcycle-car. Reliable, convenient and beautiful. What else do you need? So, it doesn’t look like a creation of that civilization will not develop a supersonic speed, will not pass there, which will host the Enduro, but it is ideal for riding around town. Bike for anyone who just loves a two-wheeled horses, not going most of the time to plow the road and put a supersonic records. But it is very comfortable to sit in, not have to lean back as in a rocking chair, or lie on his belly on the tank), easy to control, and 400 cubes is not so little.

5. Motocross bike


Very similar to the Enduro (Enduro like him), but, unlike him, has a professional focus: this is the best «horse» for any event on the off-road. Yes, dirty as Satan, motor sportsmen, trying to drive through mud and shit, fenced flags, go on such beauties.

For road they are not intended: racing, jumping, flying, stunts – all, but on a flat road you’re on it faster go crazy than will reach the goal. Although these bikes are very light, and manufacturers are struggling to reduce their weight. In short, if you see a light Enduro, more like a moped where you can jump like a mountain goat, is a motocross bike.

PS: it is worth noting that produced a special children’s version for children’s competitions for serious money.

6. Travel (touring)

If, speaking of classic, we compared it with a car, it is worth noting that this monster is more like a car. First, it is more convenient: one of the few motorcycles where everything is done for the convenience of not only the driver but the passenger. Also has audio system, spacious saddlebags and everything to enjoy the ride.

The specific differences from other countries is a bulk fairings, extra long windscreens to protect from the weather and wind, and extended fuel tank. These things have really got all the way up to the armrests in the seats, which are more like a comfortable armchair.

In fact, with «tourists» is not so simple. In turn, they are divided into:

Full-Dress – have very large cones, wide body compared to other peers, often built of hard trunk, including bags and top-mounted boxes. And to top it all – big torque engines.

Dual-Sport is the «jeeps» in the world of motorcycles. They are not afraid of neither sand nor clay. The characteristic features are a high center of gravity, high seat, high ground clearance, small windshield and increased fuel capacity. Oh, and the best part – the price is lower than the brothers.

Sport tourist is a hybrid of a sports bike and cruiser. However, this applies not so much on appearance as on performance. He’s not as bulky as a cruiser, and not so expensive. The driver is on the motorcycle, as the sport is not to get tired while driving. Well, in addition – more fairings, longer wheelbase and greater steering angle.

7. Cruiser


Extremely showy motorcycles for city and country trips. Large, beautiful and spectacular. And in addition to all easily operated at high speeds, however, on low it’s easy to fall along with «horse», if you abruptly turn the steering wheel or with the force applied to the front brake.

Sometimes different from the chopper. In fact, a cruiser can be both a chopper and a chopper – and cruiser. And if the chopper is more focused on coolness and style, the creators of the cruiser thinking about such things as convenience. It will not make a long voyage, but it at times the sport bikes.

And again: he looks just wonderful. Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles is cruisers. In General, you understand – one of the most popular types of motorcycles on which it is better not to leave the asphalt. However, the hand becomes terribly uncomfortable if coming at a very great distance.

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