Subway employee foiled a robbery… with the soup

As we know from pulp fiction, Rob eateries and cafes is extremely beneficial, because the people there are relaxed and thinks mostly about food.

One man decided to check it out. I wish he didn’t.

The offender in the mask of a Ghost from the movie «Scream» broke into the diner in the evening, when the staff closed it. The incident occurred on Friday, October 26.

The offender was required to reopen the diner and give all the money from the cash register. But there it was.

To help a colleague, which has opened the cash register, the dude came with a full pot of soup, which he poured on the offender-the loser. Between them and a fight ensued, during which the offender broke free and ran from the diner.

It is known that the scene of the crime, the attacker left in a black car, at the wheel which the woman sat. This detail once again is reminiscent of «pulp fiction» again.

The robber was not arrested, waiting, dude.

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