Substances banned at the Olympics, and how they operate

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_GXfdPdriyW7klRio 2016! A bright showcase for the triumph of the human spirit. The opportunity for the best athletes in the world once again to assert itself. Another reason once again to measure their… this time athletes.

The Olympics is a magical event: athletes, after many years of hard work, have the chance to become heroes and somehow to justify the effort. Aphrodisiac the Olympic village provokes the records. And fans, provoked by patriotism and tender feelings to athletes coming from all over the world in Rio, risking their lives.

But what’s the Olympics without doping scandal. First, we were deprived athletes, and now Paralympic team. And all the goddamn dope.

«The IOC may require any athlete to provide a sample for testing at any time and in any place», — stated in the official documents. IOC together with the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), created list of prohibited substances and methods which came into force from January 2016. But it is quite difficult to look like Schwarzenegger in 1975 without steroids. But in connection with these statutes, drink, smoke, shoot, thump, not the competition.

In General, many of the prohibitions, the good we have an explanation about the most sensitive and interesting substances and methods.

Prohibited at all times

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_cODFbHpEhJM1VTechnically the term «gainer» in the supervision of WADA, called the synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone. Which increases muscle mass, strength, endurance, and reduces recovery time, and it is, in fact, signal muscle growth. Take, for example, any budding Prodigy, who hardly 200 squeezes. A couple of weeks of power feeding, and all, presses 300 as a Hello.

Steroid use is the most advantageous for sporting achievements. Not uncommon for the athlete, a few weeks before the competition stops taking the miracle Supplement.

Growth hormones of a person, usually mentioned together with steroids, and can increase muscle mass, bone density, strength, and even help in recovery. But unlike steroids that bear fruit rather quickly, growth hormone should be taken over a long period of time, so it’s not as common among Olympic athletes. Same story with hormones and modulators of metabolism, they are much more rare, but are used to treat the side effects of using anabolic steroids, though, and can disrupt hormone production.Beta-2 agonists — a real salvation for all athletes with asthma. In the literal sense. When inhaled, they help to expand blood vessels and relax the muscles surrounding the lungs, allowing them to breathe. FLAW allows to use them, but only if there are corresponding indications of the doctor. Well choking an athlete, nothing can be done. For him, beta-2 agonists is not a way to increase the capacity of the lungs, and a breath of life. But if is no evidence, it can be eliminated. Because beta-2 increases the performance of the athlete, which is why many do not disdain to enter the injection orally. And enough to take diuretics (diuretics), completely mask the unnecessary injection to make a complete mess in a urine sample. Although the Agency was catching on, and with a special suspicion refers to athletes who are hooked on diuretic. Why would a healthy athlete with such intensity to drive the water out of the body?

Methods prohibited at all times

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_H3lvH0HpplG98In addition to substances, some shady characters in the world of sport that have won all at once ( cough, cough, lance Armstrong), have been known to use stimulating methods that were also banned. For example, the lance increased the number of red blood cells to help carry oxygen to the lungs and muscles, and thus improve endurance. Many ways, for example, it is possible to inject synthetic carriers of oxygen (for example, or HBOCs PFCs), or erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone that is naturally produced by the kidneys to stimulate the production of red blood cells.

But the DOWNSIDE, as usual, keepin ‘ seditious violations of the rules, and since the Olympics 2000 was introduced a test for EPO, and four years later introduced a test to detect synthetic oxygen carriers. But the irrepressible sports savvy and then find out. Some athletes moved on to old school methods of blood transfusion. This is done in one of two ways: either one’s own blood that is stored in a cool dark place, or blood, is similar in type transfused just before competition to increase the number of red blood cells. In General, it is wrong to do so. Lance, for example, is fully answered, giving Olympic medals and becoming a hero that beat cancer and won everything in the world, extremely unpopular, and all the cursed person.

But there are worse things that even sound sinister, as the phrase from the Marvel comics, specifically, genetic doping. Genetic modification is still in phase of study, however, the sport has moved on, and showed the world that athletes with a brand new genetic.

«The genes control the function of muscle cells and hematopoietic tissues, and ways in which our bodies use energy. And we know that many of these genes can be manipulated,» said Professor Theodore Fridman, Chairman of the expert group the WADA. «Advances in methods of introducing new genes for the treatment of more or less identical methods that can improve the ability of the athlete. This fact makes the probability of attempts of genetic doping is high enough».Actually, the sports world and the medical community anxiously waits for gene doping will become ubiquitous, and throws all the forces to detect gene doping, just in case some teams brought their athletes from training bases and genetic laboratories. And yet, nobody can predict the consequences of such doping, which personally scares the doctors. But they are better, they hold, in which case, the results will be for the further introduction of genetics into medicine.

Drugs are banned only in competition you know, tired from the physical exertion athletes love to have fun… even so, I love to walk, so much so that the knights never dreamed of. To walk selflessly, like last time. Here ask Michael Phelps and his marijuana, Ben Johnson and his cocaine, Maradona and his lifestyle. A FLAW and against such rest free from competition (if it’s not against the law), but on the eve of the competition — sorry.

Than entertain athletes? Everything is simple and banal: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, methadone, oxycontin, and other herbal delights. Not that smoked a Spliff will help you win the marathon or swim 400 meters, but the fact that the drug works as a stimulant, provides quick energy, which will be very helpful.

Glucocorticoids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications that are sometimes prescribed for the treatment of herniated discs or autoimmune diseases. But they, like steroids, produce energy and stimulate the body, and is forbidden to receive during the competition. In addition, they are swarming with various side effects, starting with the weakening of the immune system by diabetes and ending with an unpleasant psychological destruction, like mood swings and the appearance of Cushing’s syndrome. So taking them out should be simple dosage, and no more than once a day.

Specific drugs prohibited in the competition for specific sports

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_G9uOahhGLLUFEAmazing stuff — alcohol, does not stimulate the athlete, only harms, but nevertheless, archery is prohibited. Everywhere alcohol is given the green light, they say, dear athlete, run at least drunk. But not at the shooting range, because a drunk Archer is a dangerous comrade. Apparently afraid that he will give a performance in the style of Rambo. Most interesting is that in Skeet shooting there is no such prohibition.

By the way, in water motor, auto and motorcycling riding drunk is also impossible. Well it’s simple, the rules are the same everywhere. And then, God forbid, will drive drunk animal in the crowd, or go off the track and go directly to the forefathers, and the organizers then suffer losses.

But beta blockers, which slow heart rate and relax the muscles, dislike not only archers, but golfers with a man. Rather, they love him, because they promote fine motor skills, it is easier to pull yourself together, aim and tune, but the LACK mind. By the way, the Symphony orchestra is also guilty of the blockers, to be exact. Now, looking at the orchestra in my head thought about the music cartels.

Blockers bring down the adrenaline and help to tune, to minimize nervous tick, calm down and relax the muscles as if you’re doing a deep breath.

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