Subordination in the workplace

Anyone familiar with such a word as a chain of command. However, many continue to stubbornly think that subordination is the servile attitude of the subordinate to the boss, something like bowing, flattery and other syndromes poor ambitious. Actually no, this is the basic rules that govern the relationship of superiors to subordinates and Vice versa. It provides that the head will not treat you as slaves and you won’t make fun of his psoriasis and joke when it is inappropriate.

Of course there are places where there is grace, and the administration knows and appreciates employees like their children. But let me tell you something: the larger the firm, the less love in it. For these companies – a brief insight into the world of formal relations in the workplace.

You and colleagues

1. We must congratulate everyone from the janitor or the security guard to the President of the company – regardless of rank and seniority.

2. Not worth self-realization at the expense of colleagues. The head may be appreciated, and relationships with colleagues will be ruined forever. Therefore, to pick up customers and blame all the troubles on his comrade-in-space – the last thing.

3. If you perform a common task, try to divide it among themselves in equal parts, unless, of course, did not head. This will help to avoid the appearance of «drones» who will not benefit at work, but will receive the award.

4. Do not provoke his colleagues to personal questions in the middle of working time. After all, Not everyone comes to the workplace in order to sharpen fritters. If you see that companion service is shipped to your workflow, not interrupt it even if you are on friendly terms. All personal questions only after you call the factory about the end of work. If you see that a person is not particularly busy and with pleasure goes on contact, then why not?

5. There is a special rank of people – jokers. Jokers like to arrange petrocanada right in the middle of the day and attack your colleagues uncomfortable questions. What’s with these people doing? Right, mercilessly beat and preferably on the head.

6. Can’t answer definitely how to contact the staff: «you» or «you». If it is a small company with a close relationship when communication is not limited to working time and framework, and it is possible on «you». But if there is a distribution of responsibility, division of functions, it is best to respect the chain of command. And remember, you have to respect the person who performs the more difficult work. In companies where many levels of hierarchy, one must be able to withstand the position. At least in front of colleagues and superiors. Even if you are close friends who work in different departments, he’s your boss, publicly – only «you». At another time – whatever you want.

7. Most important thing is not to make trouble and keep the atmosphere friendly. And then everything, starting with heaven and ending with the boss, will thank you.

You and the boss

1. The boss is a sacred thing, but not so much that it would fall in awe and be silent, like Gerasim from the story by Turgenev. Do not be shy to Express their position and job offers, but do it tactfully and politely, because the head will not tolerate blatant remarks in his side. Use phrases like, «how would you feel if…» and other cautious expression at the level of «all right-let» to gently suggest to the authorities the presence of bright ideas in your head.

2. Talk with the boss must like you at social events. It is impossible to say categorically tone. The Manager can assume that you treat him with negativity, and these people in the team are not delayed. The first under reduction get talkative and always unhappy subordinates.

3. You need to avoid spikes over the heads of the immediate supervisor, except in urgent and emergency cases when the time for the meeting just remains. Such behavior will be considered a supervisor as disrespectful and questioned his professionalism. You’re undermining his authority in front of the whole team, you despise, disgrace… then Try to explain that you didn’t mean.

4. Hereinafter, the theme of the closed door, eternal and relevant. For example, you cannot enter the chief’s office without knocking, and you cannot visit him, if the boss is talking to somebody. This conversation may be important, and here you are with your overarching business. Although if you work at a Nuclear plant explosion, then the hell with it, can kick the door and yell about the events in the entire affected area.

5. Of course, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of familiarity. If you are in the office made contact with each other on «you» then for God’s sake. But in this case it is not necessary to stand out and call the authorities to «you» (not to be a contrarian, don’t like that), and in other cases publicly «stick» even if you’re pals, is strictly prohibited. This undermines the image of the head.

You and subordinates

Consider a situation when you as a boss.

1. When you communicate with subordinates, there are only two forms of communication – order and a request. The order given in an emergency situation, while in the standard situation, pass on the request. It is expressed in goodwill and trust of the Manager. In the case of a request, the employee can offer you their solutions to problems, Express their opinion on the situation there, and you have no right to interrupt him. But in the case of the order – no demagoguery.

2. Familiarity with the boss is not always welcome. To approach their subordinates, to clap them on the shoulder and say: «Well shit you made, Valery,» not very well. In any case, psychologists advise. In a personal conversation to allow this to cheer the weary, to plow the year without a rest, but not publicly.

3. But praise the staff highly recommended. If he did a good job, he should get not only financial, but also moral reward. The employee must understand that his work was appreciated by you. Just don’t assume the entire staff works for your blessings. He works for the money that you must pay on time.

4. No need to take the place of subordinates to understand their problems and to let the breach, otherwise the staff will just sit down. Praise is one thing, but without the iron hand is not enough. Remember, carrot and stick proven for centuries. But do not stoop to the humiliation of personal qualities. Yourself are not disgusting? By the way, it is not necessary to climb them in the soul, it is at least indecent, they should not tease, make fun of them.

5. In case of default by the employee of your orders need to remind him that you have a large collection of instruments of torture. This is an extreme measures just remind me that waiting for the result, otherwise it decides that the job can not run. And the comments make it clear to the employee the seriousness given him orders and eloquently remind you of the possible consequences.

6. Remember the names of their employees and learn their function. Just need to know what kind of people work for you, what task they can be charged and what is not. Sometimes recommendations need to let go. Don’t forget, for all that they do, to publicly report you!

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