Stylish tips for summer from

Times are changing, and you also do not remain the same from man. So to look like last year — not a good idea. Watching them not only friends: you know for myself that when all looks right, you feel more confident and more like women. No matter how much money you have free time: follow our tips a breeze.

1. Watch the hairy

the hair on the back

Warm weather means that you wear more revealing clothing, and open up more areas of the body. Some dudes hair on the body very much, and here it is better to poudalyat. For example, from the back. A hairy back is no good, dude, no offense. At least make it so that hair off your back are not sticking out of the gates t-shirt — it sucks.

As for chest hair, there is not so obvious. Here is an important your taste, budget and opinion of your friend.

2. Buy a beautiful accessory

the man in the hat

Summer fashion for men can be boring. Not that women they have dresses and skirts and high heels and what not! And men it’s simple: shorts and t-shirts. Salvation from boredom — in accessories. You can wear some vintage leather backpack or a handkerchief in the buttonhole — how to change your appearance.

Us guys think that hats and caps are a good idea for summer wardrobe. They not only look stylish but also protect from the sun. Choose a hat should be very careful: it is important that it was you and came to your wardrobe.

3. Wear bright clothes — at least sometimes

the bright t-shirt

Speaking of «bright» we mean light blue jeans. Seriously, dude, if most of your friends, and you yourself, prefer black, blue and grey. Boring! Especially dark clothing heats up in the sun, so don’t be afraid to diversify a wardrobe of colored clothes. Pair chinosol, wallet, sneakers — anything should be more of a summer color.

4. Protect the skin


You know the sun is hard and merciless? And sunscreen-have you ever tried? Seriously. Long exposure to the sun is dangerous for health, and indeed, walk burned, and then to climb — not the most pleasant thing. And from the sun and skin aging.

5. Use perfume

citrus aroma

How consider, whether your Cologne? Think again. As the summer comes, is to change it. The most suitable option for hot weather citrus scents, but spicy and wood are better suited for fall.

6. Classics — she and in Africa a classic

white t-shirt

You, of course, saw all these «funny» shirts like «King, just king» and other similar. So, the last time t-shirts became a means of expression, which is especially important for the summer season. But trust me, these jokes are not funny. But plain white t-shirt will never cease to be good, especially when you combine it with regular blue jeans. It’s a classic.

7. Wear texture

leopard texture

Long went shopping? Noticed that it is full of things with textures: leopard, tribal, umbrellas, camouflage? It’s cool, it’s funny. Of course, there is the option to be wrong, but it is excluded if you only wear one thing with a texture at once: it is not necessary to combine the leopard with camouflage. Although…

8. Podstrigat every three weeks


Ask the women, they first notice about men is they anyway mentioned hair. Your hair in the summer even more important than everything else, because it distinguishes you from the crowd of other dudes in soccer shorts. Don’t be lazy, dude.

9. Wear a light jacket


All these years you kept saying buy wool suits of different shapes and colors. That’s right. But in the summer, the suit doesn’t resemble, whether it is wool, tweed or some there else. But a light jacket in the summer won’t hurt.

10. It is not necessary to carry slates


So, in the summer you want to walk in light shoes and flip — flops- the most that neither is easy shoes. Summer is the time for beaches, barbecues, walking and slates so good for all this, isn’t it?


Dude, shale is good at the beach and in the pool — and there they leave it. Wear them to work — just a nightmare. Please don’t take offense, but it looks creepy and inappropriate. Choose light shoes, cheap sneakers, leather sandals, desert boots, shoes — so many options.

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