Stylish leather coasters beer


Know a friend who, in my opinion, a stunning gift for any friend of the guy? Coasters beer! Usually we think that stand is the senseless waste of money of all the most ridiculous. In some ways we’re right: why put something with beer? But at home you realize that coasters beer matters! From a cold beer glass sweats and leaves condensation on the table surface stains that irritate women. Need to use coasters, man! Moreover, if they make a stylish statement, they will be a great gift and addition to the table.

These coasters for beer, hand-made by students of the school of design Portland State University from solid quality leather, will be a great gift for any guy who loves Penn. On stands you can see embossed funny inscriptions such as «No bar fights» and so on.

Set of 4 coasters costs $ 25.

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