Stylish and useful gadgets for you, man

Bro, sometimes the house need to decorate with something really original so that people came and were jealous, and girls interested remained for the night. In small towns you will not find anything original, but there’s always online shopping. Therefore, we offer you a selection of the stylish gadgets that can beautify themselves a den.

1. Lamp Darth Vader.

Of course she’s not puffing dangerously, but it looks pretty, even non-Star wars fans will appreciate.

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2. Socket with USB.

Most portable devices «eat» the energy via USB, so why can’t they eat directly through the outlet without intermediaries?

You can buy

3. Shiane TV Chaise

Chair with monitor lies with you, friend, hug, fighting his girlfriend, and overhead you have a screen with a starry sky (where in the city to find the stars?), well, or a good movie.

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4. Limbs for iPhone

God ,the things people now do not cling to their devices. I just recently saw the girl with the phone, from which protruded a pretty Bunny ears. But these limbs will help your device to stand like a man.

To purchase these and other pieces on

5. Shower with LEDs.

This shower has a 10-inch diagonal and sparkles with fairy-tale LEDs. Looks cool and relaxing. However, it should be fairly straight-arm to bind it to our domestic bathrooms.

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6. Gakken home planetarium.

No need to go somewhere, if you can attract stars and galaxies to his home. Just buy this home planetarium and spend time with benefits.

Can be found on

7. 2-Slice Toaster — toaster and a frying pan

Bro, perfect Breakfast — toast with Goodies and a fried egg, it’s scrambled eggs. It’s all conveniently combined in this gadget, looks so futuristic, like a cook on Board the spacecraft.

Get if have a look at

8. Glamorous tent-cot.

Now to relax in nature has become a fashionable thing, of course, the real turaga dirty swore and spit in plantains at the sight of this gadget, but we have to admit that the tent nice and comfortable.

Can be found on

9. Circle, which itself prevents

A very useful thing in the economy when there is a need to stir the sugar, and he does not want to stirred, minding my own business, until it interferes. Convenient.

Is on

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