Styles of Cycling

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_JARXfbT0Bx7ghIn the vast concrete jungle, where the Bicycle became not only a convenient and popular means of transportation, but a lifestyle, fans of the two-Wheeler, learn skiing in a variety of styles drive.

How to determine in the future, to distinguish the main styles of Cycling? Read below.



Swearing cyclists, dressed in ragged clothes, riding on Auchan bikes with periodically freezes the switches, and sometimes falling on level ground is a street.

They are equally enthusiastic about conquering the railing, picking at the wall, jump on the fence and frighten random passers-by, its wildly spinning eyes.



If you went into the woods to pick mushrooms and berries, and then rushes past a gang of cyclists leaping off the bumps, swearing, eating sausage right during the movement, and in General, in every possible way to show off is the dirt.



If you see cyclists who saddled the two-wheeled monsters, equipped with a solid frame, front and rear suspension great running, powerful disc brakes, which, in the most obscene words in the entire race on speed bumps down the mountain is a freeride.



If you hear loud cursing, but the source is swept at a wind speed from the hill, but personally, he saw no one, then most likely, it’s downhill.



But if meet this unknown character, someone went to the hill — a , crosscountry: riding on rough terrain over long distances.



And finally, if you saw a huge crowd of cyclists who eat a big Mac, and their bikes are lying somewhere near on the grass — it’s a marathon.

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