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manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_C7Y6UePksmPZIA lot of guys score on your appearance without even thinking that how they look affects their lives. Well, or fate, as you prefer. Do not be surprised at how much it globally and don’t think we exaggerate. If you didn’t know, your appearance depends will hire you or not, whether she agree to have coffee with you, get to you Dpsnikov or not.

We understand how hard it is for you to pick up clothes, especially if your height is below average. Women have many options and a large selection of petite clothing. You can not say about the range of men’s outfit.

You have always the same problem: you bought jeans that are too long, shirts that end at the waist and Polo, which fits in the chest but several inches wider in the waist.

We feel your pain. The problem of clothing manufacturers that they make clothes for average men. Even though some companies offer small size, they usually don’t fit your proportions.

Good news! By following some basic principles and buying in the right stores, you’ll be able to pick up clothes regardless of their growth. And when you do, your height will not be the first that people will notice about you. Along with this comes job, girlfriend and confidence.

Let’s start with some basic rules:

1. The main pros and cons

There is a lot of useful information about style for the low men, but most of it is crap. If you’re looking for advice on the Internet, you will probably end up finding some article in some GQ, where is written, that the suit with vertical stripes will make you visually higher.

The truth is that low men should not dress to look taller (even if possible). You must dress in a way that flatters your body type. Form is more important than brand, price and color.

2. What to do


  • Buy clothing with a small figure. Whether it’s stripes, cage or any other print, make sure it is small;
  • Wear clothing that fits, well of course if you’re in good shape;
  • Pay attention to proportion. Accessories such as ties, watches and belts should be narrow and small (unless you’re fat, in this case a slim tie will only make you look wider);
  • Make the arrows on his pants.

3. What not to do

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  • Do not wear clothes with wide horizontal stripes;
  • Do not wear shoes with thick soles to appear taller. NEVER buy shoes that are created for the purpose of adding centimetres;
  • Don’t buy baggy clothes. It will not make you bigger. In fact, it make you look smaller and younger;
  • Do not wear double-breasted jackets.

4. Where can I find clothes for smaller men

Unlike the women’s stores, men’s clothing stores there is no section for petite figures, but there are a few shops that sell the right clothing. Some of them you can find at your local Mall, and the rest of the Internet.

  • Banana Republic — they have a great versatile pants Emerson Chinos, which accurately fits you;
  • Gap — their pants and hoodies are great for low men.
  • American Apparel low men hard to find t-shirts appropriate size and length, and in this store you will find what you need;
  • Lacoste — Polo of course. Try 3rd at the European lineup.
  • H & M — though their clothes are not of the highest quality, but they usually have a lot of clothes in small sizes. In store you will always find sizes S, XS and even XXS. H & M is especially beautiful sweaters and cardigans.

Of course do not forget the Almighty Internet. You can easily order any item with one click. Just to start you will need to measure and find out your options. Can ask your tailor, your mother or friend to measure you. Now all the things from online stores and can easily become yours.

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