Style: the transition from summer wardrobe to autumn

Autumn is a time of uncertainty. It is time to remove the shorts and espadrilles, but it is too early to get a jacket and warm boots.

If this time of year also makes you confused and you find it hard go to your autumn wardrobe, then you need to know some tips about the change of seasonal clothing.

1. Wear warm colors


You probably do not really understand what was going on. Of course, your friend better versed in the color palette. Actually there is nothing difficult. You will be hard to remember these colors the first time. So when you go to shop for autumn clothes, download link with this palette and match these colors in clothes.

Lucky for you autumn colours one of the easiest. Just remember natural color type: orange, Browns, olives. Look for clothes that can be worn in fairly warm weather, but the autumn colours.

2. Change shoes


If you’re a normal guy and don’t wear flip-flops, a change of shoes will affect you not so much. Each season involves buying a certain Shoe. For spring and summer is sandals, sneakers and espadrilles. And in the autumn: warm shoes and boots.

Now you don’t need super-warm footwear. You can try to wear the same shoes, only socks. But bear in mind, if you’re wearing sneakers, you need to wear jeans, not something short. Otherwise you’ll look like a male on the Sochi beach.

3. Other fabric

There are certain fabrics and materials that are associated with colder weather, such as: tweed, wool, cashmere, flannel. If a linen jacket, you immediately goes to tweed, you will curse the whole world. For the first time in the fall very warm and you will be worn out in a warm jacket.

4. All-season clothing


There are a few things that will save you in any weather. For example: shirts for work, a dark blazer, all-season suits, shoes, chinos, neutral colors. Mixing this kind of clothes you have a chance not to fail this fall. It is desirable to have it all in the closet.

It’s not every day rainy and you’ll need clothes for warm and Sunny weather.

5. Layering


The most obvious and convenient. On top of throwing a couple of warm clothes you will protect yourself in the cool evening. In early September, when you leave bring a shirt that you can throw on a t-shirt, and in mid-October, take a jacket that you can wear on a shirt, and at the end of November take the sweater, jacket, scarf and gloves. Now you can easily regulate your body temperature.

Add color. It is not necessary that all the layers have been solid. Refer to the table in the first paragraph, you can combine several shades or colors. Razavi tone and texture.

Add pattern. If you don’t know how to mix different patterns, try to start with one or two patterns, keep other garments solid.

Dude, you will survive this fall, promise. And these heavy rains and yellow falling leaves can’t stop us.

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