Stupid advice from women’s magazines

manygoodtips.com_18.04.2014_CZzqni9VPBd41If you ever had to look under the cover of female magazine — though for twenty roubles, at least for three you realize the depths of despair and evil they bring into our world. Perhaps they carefully cultivated misunderstanding between the sexes, promote the tenets of «female logic», immaturity, opportunism and selfishness among our ladies. Or some women are born that way? In General, another question without an answer. Dudes look in women’s magazines relationship advice to understand the subtle nature of womanhood. From reading we even have hair on his body stirred.

1. «If he thoroughly tells you how his day was, he’s hiding something!»

The reason is that men are not as sociable as girls. So, if the man suddenly dumped the girl a little more information about his work, than its absence, therefore, he tries to talk her down. Apparently, according to this very famous magazine, the man to any question about your day have to answer: «were Working. Good job!» If the dude stops in the process and trying to find the right phrase, the authors tell us that it is one hundred percent lying.

So men talk less than women, but this does not mean that they do not like to talk and communicate with each other only simple phrases. If you want to share, how was your day, that means you trust her, I want praise. And then it turns out that you’re hiding something, just cut off the wings! It should be noted that not all people are the devil’s eloquence, and can speak without stopping and picking up in the process of matching phrases.

2. «If he wants your sex, he’s cheating on you»

It would seem, what else does a girl need: man wants them, wants and often! But no, women’s magazines think that the unfortunate owner of a large, like Ron Jeremy, libido again in some way to blame. I have the feeling that the creators of women’s magazines believe if the man and the causes of infidelity are not needed.

In proof, the authors cite another study by a British academic, who claims that the man attacked the woman more often than usual, not because she’s prettier or he’s in a good mood, but because he is trying to suppress the need to speak up and drown out the guilt. After all, if people will continue to do the same as before, the woman instinctively through his words you feel the betrayal. So he tries less corny to talk and make amends.

3. «If he starts to follow him, he’s cheating on you»

And again double standards. The same magazine, or its online version, says: if the girl began to pay more attention to him, then she loves her man. But if the guy suddenly stopped to eat three throat before going to sleep, joined the gym, bought a new shirt and went to get a haircut more than once a year, but two times, that means we need urgently to collect things and go to mom. The authors think in the following way: if the man visited the gym before, and now increased the intensity of the workouts, so he wants to look even better. Of course, the authors are not aware of what training programs can change and that swing is not necessarily just for appearance.

Really the only thing that can force us to change appearance, is the opinion of the women we want to like you? Did the editors seriously believe that everything we do in life just for the sake of attracting women, not for the sake of ambition, a loved one, health and results? In addition, there is a logical question: if you have a steady girlfriend, you need to stop to look after themselves and to change their appearance, only asking her?

4. «Does he look happy? Definitely cheating»

Another periodical for women denies us the right to smile after a hard day. If the young man frowns, and suddenly smiles, feels happy and even humming (!), this means that he has dubious reasons.

According to women’s magazines and some women, the only thing we can delight the women. Other interests we have: politics, sports, Hobbies — all this talk only with the women. When ladies are seen, we start to talk about women, women and again women. The only thing that can make us happy, is a new woman. Good day, good training, a good movie, a good day, we are not happy. Only women. All inventions, ideas, thoughts, interests — all it was invented to distract the attention of women.

5. «If his close friends don’t talk to you, it means he doesn’t love you!»

«Even if his friends are quite friendly, they probably won’t ask you personal questions about work, interests etc. the Naked truth: they don’t want to waste time and energy getting to know you better because you are not sure that you will stay with him long!» Here are a few paraphrased response from a woman’s magazine.

Usually one does not seek to inquire of a stranger something personal. Will get to know better — then I’ll ask you. However, the logic of women’s magazines that appeared in the company of the girl should sleep with exactly the same way as wormed his way into the company of adults of the child. Unfortunately, some of our friends do think so: if there are no issues, and love either.

It is worth noting a few things. There are guys who try to keep other women away, providing them with friendly respect. There are guys who do not perceive the girls as friends and do not want them to get closer. But there is just not a particularly sociable man.

In addition, if a girl almost does not show, why is she interested?

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