Stunning stuff for the kitchen, Cutlery and all that jazz

Dude, cook in the kitchen — a noble cause. To say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen much less noble cause. However, imagine that your favorite friend will come by after work and will plow still in the kitchen! Or if she did something unhealthy, when you have a regime and all that? Or the girl suddenly wants to put you on a vegetarian diet, but you don’t really want? Sooner or later, you’ll have to figure out what to cook is good and there is nothing difficult to cook something different from porridge with meat and meat porridge. And to help you to love cooking will help you our selection of fun things for the kitchen.

1.Chopper garlic in the shape of cars

Those bro who ever prepared garlic sauce, you know how it is exhausting when I just press the garlic, and finely cut. It’s just crazy annoying! But all that is needed in this case: garlic clean from all that is to it sticky nature, to put it in the machine and roll it on the table. Voila!


2. Apron Dexter

3. Chopsticks with ninja

If you grew up watching fighters with Jackie Chan, played «Ninja Gaiden» or just liked the Ninja Turtles, then you will appreciate this thing. The ninja at the end of these sticks will give you the opportunity to have a nice time fooling around in the kitchen with his girlfriend and pretending to kung-fu.


4. Straw food of pure titanium

This straw will pierce though a beer can, though orange, something else. She’s just incredibly strict. And it’s even words can not describe how much. I think that it’s even possible to kill a man. Or anyone else. Of course, the most of any ladies ‘ drink, this accessory will add courage and strictness.


5.A towel with a picture of bacon…

The severity of this towel is very impressive. It makes any tea conversation by adding courage. Yes it looks fine, once it is clear who is at the helm in the kitchen.


6. Knife for cutting pizza in the shape of a ship the enterprise

If you have the kitchen there is a knife, it will only add to your joy when you come home and go to the kitchen. And it’s just a wonderful gift for fans of «star Trek.» By the way, not so long ago released the cutter from gold, dedicated to some great date in the world of «star Trek.» And this is even cooler.


7. Cool set of five knives and a very steep taped to them

This thing will decorate your kitchen in a special way. Magnets securely hold knives out of very good steel in the grooves. The quality of the knives and all their structural elements really delivers.


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