Student-Korean dispute climbed up on a statue of a vagina

The love of strange monuments is manifested not only in Russia but also in European countries. It is difficult to say where they are more silly and more ridiculous.

A student with Korean roots from America arrived at the exchange for one year of study in tübingen, a town in Germany. The usual story, but this guy managed to become famous all over the world, when on Friday staged a skirmish with their new German friends.

The city of tübingen is famous for its marble sculpture in the form of… a woman’s vagina. The guy from America, too, saw the monument and decided to bet with his friends that will be able to climb inside a huge gap. It was a good picture, only the hero of this story couldn’t be «born» again. Five emergency vehicles and 22 firefighters eventually eased the suffering of a man who decided not to call his name. The feet of the guy stuck in the lower narrower part of the sculpture tightly. Had to be smart to get a student and do not damage the brainchild of modern art. Let the hero’s name is unknown, but we know the person who posted a photo in the social network, his name is Eric Horsman.

Such a strange sculpture was created specifically for the Institute of Microbiology that justifies its appearance. It was created by Peruvian artist Fernando de La Jara 13 years ago.

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