Student food we still eat

In our bodies still have the echoes of the student body, don’t think that’s bad, man, it certainly is! Despite the fact that the students left me with all the booze before dawn and unhealthy food-still left with me these strange gustatory habits that I acquired as a student. If you’re like me, you’ll notice the same habits as me.

1. Quick macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes


Of course, the macaroni and cheese are not so common on our shelves. I ate them once in a student’s life, bought by accident at some expensive store that we went to warm up in January. Now I often buy them to treat yourself, this is the most delicious fast food in the world.

Some of my friends use quick puree as a garnish for decent things like steaks or sausages. Sometimes I even eat them myself. Of course, this is complete garbage both in taste and in General, but I sometimes like to try, because it reminds me about students. Although, to be honest, I didn’t eat a puree. If it is more or less expensive, then know that it can be taste like mashed potatoes. With BBQ sauce or a good sausage — a beautiful meal, sometimes even not tell from the homemade mashed potatoes. For the record.

2. Frozen pizza

In fact, frozen pizza is a lottery. Some of them products of the highest class, of course, they can cost as much as the plane, but they are slightly different from those that served in pizzerias. Sometimes large pizzerias sell this pizza in the frozen state with the necessary equipment.

Of course, in regular grocery stores you can find absolutely incredibly shitty pizza that does not resemble the taste of one that sold in cafes. But it is also valuable for any student property: it is cheap as shit. In all sorts of «Auchan» can be found the best specimens of this pizza that you can eat with your friends the moment. By the way, I don’t eat such food very long time, or rather from the second year of University, and all because for me it is complete bullshit.

And my friends eat them so far… Thawed.

3. Hot dog


If all else I do not eat matter, because I’m old and to me this food is a shame, a hot dog, I sometimes allow myself to eat. In hotdog, as in most of the student meals, the most important is the ingredients. As one of my good friend, the main thing — the sausage. From sausages depends on the quality of the product as a whole. Good fast food you’ll see circling like a carousel, a real Vienna sausage. Near my house there is a very high quality fast food, where a miracle occurs. In most cases, the sausage is removed from the similarity of a small saucepan of boiling water, where it is brewed and maintained hot.

Often sausage on a bun sold in stores is already ready with Korean carrots in the food film, which occasionally gets on the tooth. If «dog» is fresh, she can even enjoy it, but mostly it’s fast food, where we could grab a bite.

I have next to the house are sold hot dogs of all kinds of quality sausages. They are worth the money.

4. Chinese noodles

In his student days «big lunch» was a real treat. Like other large box with dry noodles and bags of chemistry. We treated the «instant noodles» and the noodles are unmarked, whose packaging was more content. Differed she an amazing taste, which caused instant addiction. The noodles are eaten whole, and the water in which it floated, was drunk with pleasure: she was also a valuable chemical oil and flavor enhancers.

The worst part of this meal: it is addictive. This is serious! But even worse, she does something with the metabolism, forcing you to quickly fat. Six months on cheap Chinese noodles is equal to plus 5 pounds. If you stopped eating the noodles finally, you’ve overcome the harmful effects of the students.

5. Tinned beans/corn and everything else


Typically, this cutie is not even ready. You opened the jar, took a spoon and ate its contents. It could be anything, but I personally called this to the Bank «source of protein». Few of us came up with the idea to warm up the Bank. I’m exaggerating, of course, come, but we dismissed her like an annoying fly. Ideally it would be nice if the contents of the can spilling out in a container, even have not washed. The person who was deprived of the cans, we can say, almost got rid of the shackles of the student body. But a friend of mine, who is 28 years old, still keeps at home a special box filled to the top with cans of food. When you need a bite to eat during another drinking bout, he pulls out one of the cans, opens it and eats the contents with a fork. Sometimes the students in the body of man is indestructible.

6. Dumplings


The finished dumplings, like most things on this list, may well become the food of the gods, if you know what pelmeni to take. Cheap dumplings at a price less than a hundred roubles each student. It’s delicious, and in the presence of sour cream and ketchup, very tasty. The dumplings that I bought recently in pretentious black packaging, each dumpling which was the size of a fingernail, I was struck by the richness of flavor. In fact, the finished dumplings — the usual food of the bachelor, and not only student.

In my student years, they remembered me the fact that we have them boiled, fried and frozen in a pan in oil. With the appearance in the life of one of my bro fryer dumplings have become tastier and they can take into the Park for cultural activities.

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