Stuck in the Chelyabinsk Ferris wheel all night

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*there should be a joke about the severity and Chelyabinsk, but it is not and never will be for the dupe and not Monty Python*

In the town of Korkino that in the Chelyabinsk region, there was a rather unpleasant incident. Ten dudes: nine boys and one girl (so asking jokes in the spirit «at all?») climbed late in the night on the Ferris wheel. Apparently, the employees of the amusement Park didn’t know that ten dupline drunk dudes still hanging on to an indecent height. The wheel stopped with the guys that are decently scared.

Rescuers arrived almost immediately, only to the Park were unable to get: the gates were closed, had ten to wait for salvation all night. This morning, according to local residents-witnesses, still removed.

By the way, interestingly, the guard saw no one, and traces of heavy equipment on site was not there! Really it is all mass insanity?

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