Stubbornness as a fault: she admits not right



As they say, in a dispute born truth. Men, in most cases, you can find your actions and deeds a logical explanation. Why, lady, you very rarely can admit their slip-UPS and mistakes? And they do it very reluctantly? Answers in style: then Venus was in Aquarius, because, etc. are not accepted.

Well, Dmitry, to respond in style editor-in-chief will not. Not only because you can’t. You want an honest answer? If the person is a high opinion of himself, it is easier to get the cat to take a pill than to convince him. Gender, eye color and love for Coca Cola or Pepsi is not dependent. Men who do not want to admit his innocence, in childhood, taught that man is fucking always right. Girls their moms also said that «the girl is always right because she’s a girl, and girls have to give». And so we live two totally right-wing person, which does not care about any opinion that differs from their own, because they go unheeded. If you wish, you will find a thousand girls who will be confident that they are ALWAYS right, and the same men. The reason is obstinacy and unwillingness to listen to any opinion different from his. In addition, for these people, admitting you were wrong means that they are the same as all insignificant and could be wrong. To persuade a person with such attitudes is unrealistic, then you either suffer or leave. Here’s an unpleasant truth, Dima. By the way, and you yourself do not think of these?

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