Stream romantic snot, which every woman wants

For example, I do not like when someone says that all women are the same. I don’t like it when someone says it about men, philologists, humanists, » techies, artists, and programmers. Common features they have, but each has its own features and thousands of subspecies. An example of a complete lack of something reminiscent of female logic — that’s my mom. My mother is an engineer-Metallurgist, who worked for more than thirty years at the Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant at the cold rolling shop. Still works, but in my town. My mother was deprived of many typical female traits, straightforward and hard pain. If you wish, I can still remember the many different girls that is not the same, so my advice, which really works: I want to find a woman that will be special look in special areas.

But today we will talk about those things that you like, even simply a woman who shakes a hundred from the chest, though cute hikotai alternia, though spiritually rich virgin with a small volume Beigbeder, though near the girl that’s in contact 1000 photos with her face. Today we will try to understand this difficult matter.

1. Hug her from behind

I don’t know why all girls love the gesture of attention. I honestly don’t know, but I have not met even a single woman who would not be thrilled by this. On the one hand, it’s innocent enough, unless, of course, desperate to feel her Boobs. On the other hand, as it shows her that you’re not the nice guy that will walk her dog, and set up extremely firmly. Well, or something like that. Some women believe that it is equivalent to the phrase «I got you».

Pitfalls: a bad idea to hug her when in her hand. For example, she stands at the stove or holding a knife. I once read about a time of life when a girl slashed with a knife a dude in the face, because for her it was very sudden.

2. Call before going to sleep

So you say to the woman: «I remember you!» Even if you remember it, and in the other hand squeeze your Johnson. So she is going to sleep and thinking about you.

Pitfalls: generally they are, but there are some girls who shouldn’t be called Matey, they are like the gesture is considered an obsession.

3. Let her wear your clothes at home

I don’t know why this is considered cute, but many girls enjoy wearing our stretched old t-shirts, hoodies and shirts at home. In some cases, it looks so touching that no anime with its big-eyed heroes can not be compared with this spectacle. Yes, and it’s convenient.

Pitfalls: once I was talking to one guy about women. He said he broke up with one, because in the morning she got out of bed, took his freshly ironed shirt, which hung on the back of the chair, and stomped to the bathroom to do all things. The shirt she wore and soiled water. The relationship they had then been born and half-dead, it was the last straw for the man that such act was not understood. So, if you do not understand, maybe you shouldn’t.

4. To hold

This is a very simple thing, which pleases all the girls, but no one really thought about it. Raise it, move somewhere and lay — and she loved it. To wear girls to the car, like a tearful topop*sdnai Comedy, not worth it (they have atrophied leg muscles!), but occasionally lift and carry — easy.

Pitfalls: some girls don’t like it when their raise, put on the shoulder somewhere and pull, you need to specify this.

5. Keep secret her weird porn fetish

Secrets should be kept, it is unlikely the girl will normally relate to the fact that you tell friends that she likes sex in costume pony or her erotic fantasy is a little Mexican thief apples. Well, if you not only to remember the secret, but occasionally his suit.

Pitfalls: some people have no erotic fantasies, don’t force them to come up with a fetish to be in your eyes «normal».

6. Wear a suit or other warm clothing to share with her his jacket

You went out on the balcony the two of us went outside of the cafe to get some air. You throw on her jacket and the lady is thrilled because you’re cool and generally well done. To remove the jacket and throw on a girl the same as to say: «Madam, I am ready to separate from the heart something cold to not cold you are!» Romantic and effective! And as if without nozzle.

Pitfalls: it is not worth doing, if it’s real cold. If you stand next to, at the risk of knocking your teeth to bite off his tongue, you’d look pathetic, and not manly. Remember this!

7. Get ready to be romantic and to take the first step

Most girls do not go to the first step in the power of education. Sometimes they are even the invitation to sex is necessary, that our Patriarchal society! If America has the opportunity to receive from the ladies beer and play a game «dancing from the account», in Russia it is not and is unlikely in the next 20 years. So the chance that someone will approach a girl and she will do everything for you, very small.

Pitfalls: if you’re not nice, do at least 20 first steps — nothing happens.

8. Pay attention to the little things

Women love to know that you remember all these little things about her. When we met, who loves chocolate and blah-blah-blah. Actually, personally I am also pleased to know that the girl is aware of what team I support and love. For example, I love a certain brand of stout, but Guinness dislike it, I won’t be thrilled if a girl will give me a barrel of Guinness because this gift is meaningless. And with the girl you bought her a huge box of chocolate and she only eats nuts, and where that box to do?

Not long ago I realized that the more expensive you people, than anxious you feel about everything that is connected with it. And remember those cute details such as yourself. So if you really love someone, then remember what she likes and what not, easy and free.

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