manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_foaiM5ShsxIRwI was somewhat surprised to find that the varieties of this great exercises like planks, little more than dofiga. Strap — something quite useful, although many health experts believe that the traditional strap as useless as the huge number of sit-UPS and prisoedinennykh the challenge for 30 days. To maximize the value of your exercises, repeat them in sets of three to five one minute, it is good for health! A huge advantage of straps is that this is a static exercise, that is, to keep the body in a certain state you have to use those muscles, when training at the gym usually don’t work and almost underdeveloped. Actually, these strips will show you a thousand and one ways to improve your internal muscles, which are known only to doctors.

1. Strap with a movable bending and straightening at the waist


Common name «cat’s bar». The initial front is the standard for straps. First, you bend down, then stand on tiptoe and pull your ass up. It is necessary to repeat during minutes 3-5 times.

2. Plank with movement left and right

Standard elementary stand. Leaning on the toes, you move left and right, while the legs and hands are motionless. Also repeat for about a minute. 3-5 approaches.

3. Strap with offset waist and hips to the floor


In a standard rack you move the shoulders and torso along with hips in one direction and then the other. Maintained in this position along with a displacement of the feet is quite difficult, although possible. Try to do a minute. 3-5 approaches.

4. Strap with bending and straightening legs

Start with a standard stand, but one leg bent at the knee, pull other side and lean on the toe. Leg, bent at the knee should be brought forward to chest level. It requires some stretching. Take bent leg back and up together with the torso leaning on her hands. Go back to the original position. To do for one minute. Repeat 3-5 times on each leg. In principle, it is possible to do on each leg for one minute. Can be confusing of course.

5. Plank with abduction feet to the side

Start with a standard rack. Take your leg out to the side and trying to move the trunk along with a leg as long as you do your stretching and toe of the foot on which you rely. Actually just as difficult. To do a minute, change legs in the process. Repeat three times, and advanced all five.

6. Plank with rotation of the feet


To be very heavy. In fact, too. Start again with the standard rack, but the right foot is placed slightly above the left. You slightly turn your left foot to the left, twist the torso, bend the right leg at the knee and stand to the left. Then force gets her back and right while pulling up. Return to the starting position. On each leg repeat for one minute. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

7. Plank with arm swings

Also beginning in the usual rack. Tear off one hand from the support and moving it forward and upward while bending at the waist and pulling the body forward. When you return to the starting position, turn back and arm (it should be straight). If you’re not sure that will bear the weight of the body on the one hand, give her support. Now take your arm back and up, simultaneously pulling the torso and lower back up, bending at the back. At the highest point, move on tiptoe so that your figure was like an inverted «V», and return to the starting position.

8. Plate with the abduction of the body and swings arms

Sounds furious. Also quite difficult. Start with a standard rack. One hand moving forward and upward, and the body is moved in the other direction waving his hands, that is, if you’re waving your right hand should move to the left. Hand turning the head, along with moving the body to the side put her over the top and make the swing to the side. Spinning on his toes to one side and return to starting position. The hand does not touch the floor. To do within minutes. 3-5 reps.

9. Side plank with arm stroke and «scissors»


Start with a standard rack side plank (resting on the floor bent at the elbow arm and lateral part of the foot). Leaning on the arm, at the elbow, at the same time you do the swing arm and the swing leg, as in the exercise «Scissors». To do a minute on each side. 3-5 reps.

10. Side plank with imposition of hands and feet forward

It looks complicated, however, because it is. Standard front side strips. At the same time along with stroke hand make swing leg forward. Free, of course. To do a minute on each side. 3-5 reps.

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