Strange things with bacon…

We already told you about the strange things with bacon, but rather about the new fashion in the United States on a variety of products, with the smell and taste of bacon. Condoms with bacon already was, so we figured, Hey, why not make a small selection of this interesting fetish for bacon and all that is connected with it?

1. Shaving cream with the smell of bacon

Yeah, man, it really is. Before you high quality shaving cream with a spicy smell of fried bacon. All day you will smell like roast pork, the smell will haunt you and cause salivation. Don’t know really how strong he is. You can buy for $ 13.


2. Waffles with the smell of bacon

Here even say nothing: just the waffles with the smell and taste of bacon. What kind of perverts are these people?


3. Sunscreen with the smell of bacon

Feel like there is a growing degree of idiocy? Yeah, dude, it’s sunscreen with the smell of bacon! The sea during the sun you feel like the strip of broiled bacon, and now you will be firm in this confidence. Buy this joy for $ 10.


4. The inhaler with the smell of bacon

Manufacturers diligently recommend this product to vegetarians. Frankly, it is unclear why. They’re vegetarian! Except the smell of bacon contains clean air of the Himalayas. At least we say so. Is worth nine dollars.


5. The coffin with the colour under the bacon

I feel that the degree of idiocy and faggotry at the bacon reached its peak? It is really a coffin with a gay colour under the bacon. I think that at least there’s no smell of bacon? Wrong, inside there is an air freshener with this scent.


Bacon everywhere!

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