Strange things that can improve your mood

manygoodtips.com_30.10.2014_f4MUy8kLIldlSWe won’t say that sport has the power to make you a happy person along with a walk in the fresh air… No. Today we learn about the strange experiments that showed that the sources of good mood can be detected by an unexpected way. For example…

1. Viewing sad movie

There is a separate category of films that can be described only as «snot porn», and usually a list of their names can be easily found in the top like «best films of the century» and so on. «Hachiko: the most loyal friend», «the Green mile», «Armageddon» – movies that leave a residue of funeral sadness than the excitement of watching the best film of the year. Nevertheless, the more the story pulls the heart, the more love the audience and the critics Academy. Scientist award of the degree not for beautiful eyes, and of course they also noticed a pattern. Was held an interesting study: the motley audience was forced to watch the 2007 film «Atonement.» Before the experiment, each participant was thoroughly questioned on how they evaluate the quality of their life, what their goals, dreams and aspirations, perceptions of a hypothetical deadly disease. After two hours of unrestrained sobs of the audience were asked to describe their emotional state.

Scientists have recorded a definite rise of excitement, writing off the fact that people subconsciously projected the situation of the main characters on myself and returning to my real life understood what not all so bad. So if you suddenly joined the ranks of broshenok who suffer from unrequited love, have yourself a marathon on TV – «White BIM», on computer, run «Schindler’s List» and on the smartphone including the scene where Scar kills Mufasa. At the same time. And wait, when you will rise to the mood.

2. Red meat

Exciting fight with crappy food is long gone to a new level: now scientists say that red meat is almost as good as cyanide. But they hasten to comfort us, because you will die a happy man, because it was conducted another study has shown that red meat is necessary for psychological equilibrium. Using this product in insufficient quantities, you have twice more chances to fall into black despair and depression. This was proven when large eksperementatory took under careful control of diet about thousands of Australian women and their emotional state, taking into account a variety of factors, from physical to social. It was found that women who ate about 120 grams of meat four times a week, feel happier and more satisfied with life than others.

3. Loading brain to the max

If you’re not working part-time spider-Man or Batman, it is likely that concepts such as work and joy, for you are incommensurable.

At the thought of the fun and pleasure in your head float by like clouds in the cloudless sky, the images of hot beauties that surround you with attention and affection, yet warm their tired bones on a Golden beach listening to the waves and the singing of tropical birds.

Of course, you already know that physical activity have a positive impact on health, but… There are research results that say that intense mental work will make you happy many times stronger than lying on the beach, well, or at least the couch. If you do several things at once, you’ll be much more pleased with myself than if focused only on one thing. Even if the concentration will fall, the mood is yours to grow! The fact that dopamine, which is responsible for direct delivery of the hormone of joy, so rewards you for strong performance.

4. Fight

MMA and wrestling have never been deprived of attention and love from the audience. And about the fight with the participation of the weaker sex, we are generally silent.

There is a certain category of people who deliberately behave like the last shit, just to put up a fight, even if the chance to get kicked much more than they give. There’s a simple explanation: such aggression, your brain puts on a par with sex, describing it as a source of pleasure. Hello to our old friend dopamine!

5. A trip to the metro

Most likely, you will twist a finger to his temple, puzzled after reading the title of this article. What the hell can be the total a feeling of joy and this dungeon with an endless stream of iron coffins on tracks?! Nevertheless, the Swedish scientists helpfully spat in the face of logic, and published the results of its research activities. They asked study participants, who commute to work by car, within one month to change your mode and switch to the metro. Before the experiment, each person asked questions regarding the health, mood, career, personal life. Each of them has converged on the view that metro and public transport – it sucks, and I was sure that this month to turn into a nightmare. But, in fact, things took the opposite turn: every day their mood was a positive color, and a month each of them spoke about his good mood and wellbeing. So why are these cans with stale air and humanoid freaks of all stripes can make people happier? Man is prone to hyperbolization of negativity, losing the positive aspects.

In our case, the people were so overwhelmed with the idea that their personal space constantly break smelly freaks that I forget about some obvious advantages, for example, a few extra tens of minutes, to read a book, to put in order thoughts by the sound of wheels, while driving to work. And sitting behind the wheel, especially during rush hour, you get grey hair and lose irreplaceable nerve cells.

6. Housework

Well, everything is simple: the feeling of belonging to a good cause gives you a sense of satisfaction. This was confirmed by the international experiment, conducted in 34 countries and was attended by more than 30 000 men. Perhaps this article better not to show your friend, because the result was clear: the more you do work around the house, the happier. Point taken adequate perception of gender equality. Men who watched as their tired wives after the same working day began to start cleaning or cooking, tore their Asses off the couch/chair/toilet and under the yoke of remorse began to wield a MOP, get rid of the guilt. Men feel important, and none of them sawed about indifference to home chores, which still costs a bit to divide by two.

7. Thoughts of death

You have managed to move away from the item about metro? Great! Because the epic idiocy we have saved go to final table. Dead man spends much more time than alive, but how this knowledge should cause you joy? This question was also solved by experimental: participants were divided into two groups: one carried out on a regular stroll in the cemetery, others were walking in the nearby Park. Was also recruited actor who played the scheduled performance, namely: he was lying and broke the laptop and loudly complained about his clumsiness. The vast majority of those who walked through the cemetery, helped poor advice or words of support, whereas in another group of hearts was significantly less. The awareness of the transience of human existence, compels us to be a little better and kinder, so with dignity, to live the time we have left.

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