Strange things had been in space

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_Apj3kBhj7UmkOIn the old Soviet song said, «I am the Earth, I see off their Pets, daughters, sons.» You can also add: fruit flies, Salmonella and bovine sperm. However, the list of the strangest space a lot more, so read on.

1. The sword of the Jedi Luke Skywalker

It would seem, where it belongs. Glowing sword Brand «Just don’t call me Luke» Hamill «return of the Jedi» was sent to the ISS in 2007, the year in honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of the original «Star wars». Though Lucas promised in conjunction with NASA to build a real «death Star», but somehow it did not happen.

2. Fruit flies

How in your opinion, what is missing in zero gravity for full happiness? Of course, fruit flies! Well, what are you smiling about, among other things, flies –the first astronauts! In 1947, box fruit flies was successfully sent to 106 miles up in the Earth’s atmosphere, effectively making them the first living creatures sent into space. Early Jurassic, informed the Whites of the Arrow. So flies can be proud of. But space apples should be on the lookout.

3. Playboy

American astronauts are people too. Know how lonely furrow the space without female affection? That’s it. Even the Japanese submariners were given rubber friend.

So, in the fall of ‘ 69, NASA launched to the firmament «Apollo-12». Okay, not to be bored, the astronauts put a different press. In the bunch of space fiction unexpectedly, to the great joy of the astronauts, was the latest issue of «Playboy.» Here began the contest of wits on the subject of cosmic Masturbation. However, the fun ended when one of the astronauts, that is, sat in the cockpit with a log on for 3 hours. He said that elementary was asleep. But we all know…

4. The empty suit

Still in outer thicker hung for centuries Sputnik made space suit. Don’t worry, before sending him into orbit, I think to pull of the companion of the astronaut. And all it had to cram the spacesuit «Orlan» of three batteries, a radio transmitter and external sensors to measure temperature and battery voltage. As you have already realized that this idea originated in our country – the great and mighty Russian savvy.

In fact, this «miracle Yudo» need in order to provide connection of the astronauts with any person on earth. It is sufficient to set the receiver to the frequency of 145.990 MHz FM and the astronauts know the answers to your questions. Especially the creators are counting on the interest of the children. By the way, rumor has it that the satellite will be made of t-shirts with the image of Putin to protect it from impacts of space debris and asteroids.

5. «Golden record»

No, this is not the text written in gold ink, all the more interesting. The fact that the space mission Voyager added a record of the best songs in the history of mankind. There are Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky (it would be foolish not to acquaint foreigners with the great Russian classics), and even songs of Chuck berry. And painted silhouettes of naked men and women greet guests from space in 55 languages. In Russian, as you might guess, with the Martians say Hello.

I think the idea is brilliant. If we have to talk to the aliens, only about music.

6. Guns

Russian astronauts have provided everything, and in order for the astronaut to feel comfortably in orbit, he set in 1986, the year be sure to put the gun. Both men and women. What if tomorrow the war! Intergalactic! Defend mother ship!

In the end, with a gun in hand is much easier to grapple damned imperialist plates.

7. Special disco ball

What do you think, for which he was sent so far? To in space had their own party in the disco, and all sorts of humanoids from alpha Centauri could have your party in the Bee Gees? No. Unfortunately, this layer was not created in order to give a magical atmosphere at the school disco, he has a different destiny. These balls are placed on satellites Lageos. Through them skip the laser beams, which allow to determine the exact distance to the Ground. However, if someone wants to hold an intergalactic party, this layer will have by the way.

8. A roast beef sandwich

Sandwich (a Western-style sandwich) brought with them to the moon American astronaut John young in 1965. Apparently, the guy was so afraid of starving to death in zero gravity, which in any case took such an unusual passenger. According to legend, he even managed to take a few bites. However, the further fate of the snack is unknown. But in the gallery of NASA astronauts portrait of a sandwich is not observed.

9. Watch and scarf Amelia Earhart

Pioneer female aviation legend Amelia Earhart was certainly a fearless woman. If she lived in the era of space flight, it probably would have been the first female astronaut of the capitalist camp. But unfortunately, she disappeared while flying in 1937. In memory of her merit American women astronauts took flight in her scarf and watches.

10. LEGO

«We gave the astronauts of LEGO, so during the flight they made the rocket in your spaceship» – this idea was at NASA when they sent the space famous designer and it in addition Japanese astronaut. There skillful Japanese gathered a pretty good copy of the ISS. Later there was delivered assembled from «LEGO» model of ancient Roman gods Juno and Jupiter and astronomer Galileo Galilei. This cosmic symbolism. Well, the famous designer we can only congratulate.

11. «Cola» and «Pepsi»

The confrontation of the two brands went beyond the planet to a new, cosmic level. First, for the purpose of advertising executives «When» agreed with NASA that the next flight will leave their carbonated swill. The management at Pepsi quickly realized that in their place they should be, and next time were aboard the blue Bank. However, this sparkling farce did not last long. The fact is that in weightlessness is very hard to cool, and the astronauts not very much and wanted to drink a warm beverage in advertising which said: «Drink chilled». So, warm Cola is not good.

12. Two turtles, a mouse and worms from Sunny Iran

Yes, you did. Two Iranian turtles, mouse-Iranian and Iranian worms. No, it’s not the Iranian remake of «teenage mutant ninja turtles» with an Oriental flavor. All of this, the astronauts of the Iranian space program. Proud descendants of the Persians proved to the world that can successfully compete with the West. Soon the whole world will know the power of a large worm-eaten ships.

13. Cheese and jokes

When SpaceX launched its unmanned Dragon capsule, among the cargo was only attached to the floor of the drum with the inscription «top secret». To the question: «what’s in the box?» – he evasively answered: «If you love Monty Python then you will love this secret.» Show off. It turned out, inside the drum is a large circle of gruyères. Direct reference to the famous English sketch comedians. If the joke did not understand, sorry. English humor.

14. Dead people

In fact, many people bequeathed to dispel his remains in space. Writer Arthur Sec. Clark and the Creator of «star trek» gene Roddenberry.

In our days any one can mingle with the cosmic dust for a nominal 2000$. The Elysium pleasure land get rid of your remains, and you will fulfill your dream, and maybe some part of you will overcome the distance and landed on Mars.

15. Piece of Wright brothers ‘ plane

If not for the Wright brothers, the appearance of space ships would have had for a long time. If plywood machine did not fly, it is unknown in what condition would the space program. Therefore, the astronauts and then take a flying pieces of wood and fabric from the first plane. It was a symbolic gesture of the evolution of Aeronautics. By the way, «Apollo 11» landed on the moon, together with the relics of the forefather of the aircraft. By the way, when I went through the burning remains of the infamous «Challenger», found parts of the plane the Wright brothers completely untouched.

16. Bull sperm…

Surprisingly, without gravity sperm, seeds, if I may say so, behaves differently. It found American scientists, when we sent such an unusual passenger into orbit. No, the goal to impregnate the space was not purely scientific interest.

17. Salmonella

In 2007, several Salmonella sent to 12-day trip into space. However, these creatures after space Odyssey is not extinct, but rather swelled to immense size. Conclusion: don’t eat raw meat in the open space.

18. Buzz Lightyear

This character always argued that infinity is not a limit, and that he is an astronaut. And if the first is still debatable, the second – in any way. Toy buzz sent to explain the effect of microgravity on the Chinese plastic. By the way, the buzz from fellow travelers was the notorious bull sperm.

19. And not so wild animals

Let’s honor the memory of those poor animals, who were forced to fly into space. In fact, if they do not, then every cosmonaut died during the flight, in fact on animals were studied the effect of outer space on the body of a living being.

20. Bird droppings

Birds, too, want to space, but to rise into the stratosphere does not work, and to fly on the Shuttle, you need to be trained. Therefore, the birds have done very cleverly: he pooped on the whole space Shuttle discovery. Surprisingly, after his return from space on the Shuttle were the same shit as when you left. Shit’s tougher than it looks.

21. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in space is the name for a delusional sci-Fi movie. And the dinosaur fossils travelled twice as cargo during manned flights. Why is never explained. Even bull semen transported for scientific purposes.

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