Strange tablet battery not charging

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Again, the manufacturers think to surprise us with unexpected solutions. And these guys from the company Sqigle it definitely happened. No, really. The guys did a good job and are going to release a really interesting product! This tablet Sqigle Earl, the main feature of which can be considered… a solar panel on the back of the case. What else they come up with this?

It is worth noting that the screen is… black. This, of course, will increase its work up to 20 hours, but still a little like me. But if anything, it is on a flexible basis and touch (you can touch with gloves). By the way, the screen is durable and not beating! And it’s amazing for extreme bro.

Extreme component. A solar panel that recharges the battery fully in 5 hours, in the presence of a traditional charging method. The tablet takes the radio in all possible ranges LW, MW, HF and VHF (FM). There is even receiving data on weather from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Band. In addition, Sqigle Earl is able to accept transfers FRS, GMRS and MURS, that allows to provide communication at a distance of 30 kilometers from each other, as on the radio.

In the presence of fully-protected from all harm case: protection from dust, dirt and bad mood. Runs on Android 4.1. Now on Kickstarter actively raising funds, collected half. Wait!

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