Strange space objects

manygoodtips.com_12.11.2014_SDtmWp8tjtUG1Know about sex you read is much more interesting, although it has long been studied and understood, but the space… Over the millennia that mankind has been studying space, scientists of all times and generations came to the unanimous opinion that this is a very unusual place, which is full of unexplained mysteries and awe-inspiring mysteries of the mind. Today we take a look at some of them.

1. Space rum

Roughly, in the center of the milky Way is a huge gas and dust cloud called Sagittarius B2, whose mass exceeds the sun is 300 million times. But that’s not the main reason why this space is so much interested in academics. The fact that Sagittarius B2 chock full of molecules ethylformate – the chemical compound that provides raspberries flavor of raspberries, and propiciando, which gives rum its distinctive smell.


It is likely, if the scientists find out who the main supplier of alcohol for this «Irish» area of the milky way, soon will find an answer to the main question tormenting millions of generations: «How life began?» Well, as long as the space bar remains closed.

2. Magnifying glass on a cosmic scale

Perhaps gravity is a ruthless bitch, as once said to Sheldon Cooper, but it «tricks» able to destroy millions of bright minds. Gravity has a direct relationship to the creation of black holes, it is able to refract the light rays so that the detected in the same place the objects were in fact not where was originally found. A similar phenomenon was called gravitational focusing. It became possible to study objects such as black holes and the galaxies that are far beyond the sources of gravity. Plus a gravity focus is able to create good illusions and «copy» visual space objects.

For example, the following frames Zakarlyuka blue located considerably beyond the red point, and the fact that the signed galaxy1 lensed and lensed quasar2, in essence, is one galaxy, but because of the effect of gravitational focusing of the impression that these objects there are many.



3. Where are the unicorns

If in the childhood you liked to consider sailing across the sky and using your imagination to mentally draw the outlines of various animals or objects, from the clouds you will surely be delighted. Meet the cosmic unicorn – Trifid Nebula. If you look closely, you can see and mane, and even some muzzle mythical creatures.


And it’s a Ghost hand, which grips set on fire by a Molotov cocktail.


Of course, this is all examples pareidolia, which is responsible for all visual illusions, which is extremely rich space. How about a logo of Mickey mouse, which «branded» mercury?

Or look at the huge mutated bee.


4. A wandering black hole

If you ever go to surf the galaxy, it is likely that a proposal with a set of phrases «black hole» and «meet with a speed of 5 billion miles per hour», you are unlikely to delight. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid space travel in the heart of the system CID-42, which not long ago was discovered a black hole that formed after the collision of two galaxies.

About this accident became known only after there were traces left on the scene of the accident. The white dot at the end. This is our black hole, whose size is millions of times more than our old friend the Sun.


5. Maculinea a dying star

Of course, you know that the so-called «falling stars», which are the last hope for some romantics, in fact, are ordinary meteors burn up while entering the atmosphere. That they cut the sky and the real stars sparkle in splendid rest, being in one place. Mostly. But if the star decides that it’s time to fall, then she does this incredible space shows really stellar scale. For example, in the World, a dying red verzosa, who before her death had decided to make a farewell tour with a speed of 469 million km/h across the galaxy, leaving behind a tail like a comet, whose length is about 13 light-years. But even more strange thing is a substance which star, flying, leaves behind. From it the formation of new celestial objects – stars and planets.

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