Strange, but cool way to store wine at home, 25.06.2013, RPQvrhfdLpDikjBLVj0zXTXM25bNPmgv

many men like wine, many men love beer, many men are crazy about whiskey, as this drink of the monks and Churchill. But if you’re really cute something to drink, then drink it you will be right, or at least original and cool home store. Some bro always keep a bottle of good alcohol on any occasion. And where to keep this bottle? Of course, in a cool and dark place. And how to store the bottle? Smart guys came up with one interesting way.

The strange thing is more reminiscent of sucker, by means of which a bottle of wine clings to the wall or any other vertical surface. The bottles look pretty original, and, most importantly, it well reduces the clutter in your home. By the way, bottles of the original form can be emptied and hung on the wall is fun to look.

That’s just the price of this stylish accessory is a bit pumped up, IMHO, $ 44 for six cups. Robbery, man!, 25.06.2013, XT11AwVaiDSeZV99UvYn0BrwLADbxAAU

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