.strandberg * Boden 7 OS


The Swedes from the company .strandberg * (as it should be, with the point at the words with an asterisk at the end; it is fashionable, you don’t understand) – probably the main enemies of all guitarists-conservatives in the world. If you play your hard-earned American «Telecaster» killer Blues and rock-n-roll, then most likely you this model is not very pleasant. It’s not a drop tube and old-school.

Nevertheless, their guitar worthy of attention. It’s such a stunning blend of ergonomics, innovative solutions and great sound. Agreeing to a compromise, they produce high quality instruments won the hearts of many musicians.

If you look at their products, I doubt their uniqueness does not arise. The company’s patents relate to virtually all aspects of the tool: the outline of the buildings, tremolo system, fastening of the strings on the headless vultures, the vultures are crafty with their EndurNeck profile and many other details.

If you had to hold the guitar in your hands, of course, you know this is a very unique and strange feeling. No, your hands feel quite comfortable and familiar. Eyes can’t get used to.

Here is a very interesting video on the topic of how to make their guitars, or rather, one Vandberg.

But recently at NAMM 2015 was presented a new model Boden 7 OS. It is named after the city Boden in the North of Sweden, based on the similarity between its shape and reindeer antlers.


The guitar was created taking into account wishes and recommendations of such guitarists as Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders), Misha Mansoor (Periphery) and Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit ).

Materials were carefully chosen to provide a versatile tone, applicable to all types of music. Despite its apparent complexity, this guitar weighs from 2 to 2.3 kg. But the most important is balance.

Solid body has a cover plate made of maple. Neck is made of a core of maple with fingerboard rosewood. Equipped with pickups EMG-707 S. the Length of the scale from 25 to 26 inches.

The creators claim that the patented EndurNeck relaxes the muscles, joints, tendons in hand, wrist, and forearm, and you will sound better and play easier. In any case, the hand will slide on the fretboard, like fat on a hot griddle. Accordingly, clamping the frets will be much easier. It’s not us, so say the creators!

By the way, all guitars are going in Sweden. Pedantic Scandinavians carefully choose the wood carefully harvested guitars, check them carefully, and then put in a soft guitar case and sent around the world.

There are even custom shops, but the guitar they’ll have to wait longer.


Usually delivery is within a week. But in Russia, you know. But what is surprising: if the «antlers» you don’t like it, you can return them within 2 weeks. If you are, of course, return the tool in original packaging. However, the offer for free return is only available for the continental United States.

This tool does not look rock-and-roll and is not cheap. For its price – almost$ 2,000 – you can buy a nice American Fender or Gibson. But the tool is definitely worth your money. Everything else is a matter of taste.

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