Straight ahead! Pitfalls in the relationship

The word «loner» as a rule, complements are not the sweetest words: «lone wolf», «crazy-single», «single mother» — the latter, though bad in itself, but still produces many of the tragic impression. Loneliness in people is not a priority: the man is a social animal. So we get in pairs and try to be in that condition as long as possible. This may prevent a variety of factors, which optionally can be neutralized.


We have repeatedly said that the main enemy of any pair is stagnation. Stasis. Routine. Call it what you want. That it was not, it is necessary from time to time to rejoice that you have each other, otherwise you can forget that it is joy and, in principle at least something. Though debunked all celebrate Valentine’s Day, at least, not before it, their anniversary. You can choose to holiday any day — just make sure the day was.

Money is money, my mind on my

Uttering the word love, we immediately begin to imagine an evening stroll on the beach, fireworks and sleep under one blanket. We don’t think about production costs. It seems to us that it is shameful to consider the money spent on flowers, candy.

The best way to avoid cash failure to observe a friend during the honeymoon period. To spy on no need — just watch how she works and spends. Cool restaurant may fade before the usual picnic on the lawn with cream cheese and crackers — and if she doesn’t realize that she might not be for you, and you for her.

Financial habits that will ruin your future, manifest in the early stages. If she spends entire salary on the first day, and then eats the entire month boiled potatoes, it is unlikely you will be able long to endure, especially when her appetite will apply to your earnings.

The analysis of the possible motives for jealousy

Let’s say you have already decided with my girlfriend and want to be with her side by side as long as possible. Are you worried about something? Jealousy? Still to someone: her family, her friends, to friends Eizenstat to work — a lot of variants. See why there is this jealousy, and then decide whether it is unrest.

If you think that it pays little attention to you and you’re not her priority, talk about it. Usually jealousy is justified, and in this case, your friend is something to think about.

Changes must be synchronized

Changes will inevitably happen if you do things, not sit in place in a vacuum, without being distracted by work, studies, friends, Hobbies, and events in the world. You have a lot of things, and that «many» will definitely change you. What changes we have in mind: family, health problems, moving. The best way is to talk about everything. Change synchronous — the best choice: if someone will remain the same as it was, someone will be unhappy. Or he is, because next to him will be «not the man I once loved, or changed member of the couple, which would seem that its second half from behind him.

Prevent stress

You are subscribed to it: you have to be good to each other not only idyllic summer morning, but also during times of stress and need. Words have power, and the girlfriend got you and can leave at any time. Can you prevent stress? More likely to say something nice to her and she will do the same. Kind words produce kind actions, and you just like that.

Silence is not gold

Don’t think the misunderstanding will disappear if she did not pay attention. When you do have some discomfort, be honest with yourself and with a friend. Avoid the temptation to remain silent on the sidelines and not to provoke conflict. Then you definitely will burst, but it will be too late to solve the problem through reform — it will only have a revolution, and so these relationships will have to leave behind.

Don’t forget how it all began

Any relationship is a marathon faster than sprint. We must not forget that it attracted you: over time, we stop noticing dignity, as if they are worthless, and instead focus on the disadvantages. Every day remember that girl who was once attracted your attention. She’s still with you.

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