Stop thinking about what you people think

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2014_7BeBm6owoMg9tRefused to drink at the party or decided to try a vegan diet? To start your own business or to 35 to get a second rig? To move to another city or to leave the friend who is «so perfect for you»? Your every crucial decision will be subject not only to your thoughts, but also a subject of discussion behind your back. You will have many advisers and well-wishers who want to discourage you from reckless step that you just killed. Only the buzzing of those annoying flies is able to take your time, and it is very valuable currency in our world to squander it on trifles.


It is impossible to make all happy and to be good for everyone. You can of course try, we would even be happy to look at it, especially at the part where you fail miserably and we senile tone said, «Dude, we warned you!». Some people just can’t be happy, no matter what you do for them. Their body poisoned a Downer: they do not like their job, life, neighbors, you. Even if they see you for the first time. Moreover, these characters can’t even for yourself clearly and honestly indicate the cause of his permanent dissatisfaction. Well, most people are illogical.


Each person has their personal opinion, in respect of any issue or problems that arise in this world. Moreover, the level of knowledge and skills is not a priority for value judgments. Oh, and instead thrust deeper (in the most intimate depths where no sunlight penetrates), it is opinion, a person without asking permission, starts to generously share with you their thoughts, which, like truth, must turn over your life and finally open the eyes of the blind such as you. Of course, there are those who behave in a more restrained, but most are happy to contribute my two cents to any conversation. Although, as a rule, the value of such communication a lot cheaper than those same two cents.


It seems people constantly forget that opinion is not fact. And if you are told how to do something correctly, it does not mean that this path is correct and effective. Even if your interlocutor is sure he is right one hundred percent of the — look, if you want to listen to, but do as you see fit.


Life is too short to allow yourself to be unhappy, especially when there are better options. And they always have. So if something or someone makes you unhappy — get rid of it. People do complicate their lives, when in fact — it’s much easier. Want to change life — change, but otherwise just stop whining and feeling sorry for myself.


If you dare a little bit to go beyond the template frame, then you certainly will point out all your faults, especially when failures do happen with you and you are most vulnerable. Even mention that quit their jobs and start their business office plankton will tear you to pieces, trying to dissuade him from this senseless event, and then, behind your back, you gleefully predict the imminent failure. Prepare for the fact that you are accused of fraud and deception when you reach your first success. People are idiots — and just because they can’t do what you do, it is easier to denigrate you and your success.


The most you will get no help or support, don’t shit on it, happy or not? Most likely, your attempts to please everyone at once reasoned hope that you, in the time of need will be a friendly helping hand. But this will not happen. People can feel some superiority over you, since you gave explicit slack and asked for help.


We all live in our own reality and want to be the main star of the show. Of course, the world does not revolve around us, but how many millions of people are impressed by this idea? Trying to please everyone you only feed someone else’s ego.


Life can offer so much more when you play by their rules. The most successful, the most powerful and influential people who ever walked the earth, lived in realities of their own world. Moreover, they don’t just live by the rules, they make the whole world lives with him.


Guided by the principle «I’m not going to please everyone!», you must not forget that this does not apply to people close to you. Why? Because they matter to you. Or rather, only they matter to you. Delighting his beloved, and loving, you yourself become happier. It’s a win-win situation.


We all have a limit to how much information or how many thoughts we can handle day after day. When you spend your time thinking about important decisions, it is not considered wasted. And when you’re worried about what will think and say all others, to you it becomes more difficult to focus on those things that are really important.


People like to hate. This is one of the most beloved human entertainment since the beginning of time. And it’s not even new fashion, this is the essence of human nature. Socrates was sentenced to death for the love of freedom and dissent, sending to the light of such a brilliant mind. You certainly don’t need to die for their beliefs, but you must calmly accept the idea that you can be haters. And the more successful you become, the more they appear.


People who hate you are trying to humiliate or insult you or your business, do not confuse this with constructive criticism, which should always be welcome. You really can learn a lot from their loved ones, their customers or dissatisfied customers, if we are talking about your business.


Most people love to talk about things like they know what they’re talking about, when in reality, they are ignorant. Only a strong personality is able to admit a mistake, wrong or ignorance. However, the majority is too cowardly for this.


Most people simply do not matter. Not globally, of course, because each of them lives, works, builds a family and life and also an integral part of someone’s life. Someone, but not yours. With the right view of the world, every person who appears in your life has something to teach you. For example, not to give more chances to assholes that you once again tried to pull on the bottom. Fill your life amazing and valuable people, let them be few, but each of them you will see a part of yourself. Your real friends are, family will support you no matter what and love you for who you are. And only their opinion should make you think about the revaluation of any value system, if at some point they begin to feel comfortable in your presence.


Your life will be better when you finally get rid of poisonous people. It’s sad, but many people we keep near him just out of habit, not consciously, despite the fact that this communication is of a destructive nature. These «friends» distract us from our goals, make you angry, they lie to us or abuse our friendship.

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