Stop! The mosquito

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2014_qOeW8vZZATYEXDon’t let buzzing bloodsuckers have to ruin your summer vacation outdoors. Besides the fact that it’s really annoying, mosquitoes can carry very serious diseases. If you want to know what products to include in your diet to avoid insect bite, then you should add food garlic and Apple cider vinegar.

We’ll tell you what products this summer you should eat less to reduce the risk of being bitten.

1.Beer and alcohol


Unfortunately, it’s true. Scientists recognize that even one bottle of beer can increase the chance of being bitten. At the same time, alcohol is a great way to eliminate the itching after a mosquito bite. But what are these kebabs, if you can’t even drink beer? Damn, it seems we will have to sacrifice his body.



And other foods rich in potassium. The reason is that in our body increased secretion of lactic acid. Lactic acid is also the reason that pickles, dairy products and salty foods cause mosquitoes to attack us.



Mosquitoes, like people, can react to the flavors (especially sweet). This means that as soon as they find their way to the sweet cakes on the picnic table, they will eventually find their way to your arm or leg.

4.Cheese Limburger


In any case, if you really love the stinky cheese, know that it is made with the same bacteria that make your feet smelly. It attracts mosquitoes.

Practice has shown that spiral, unfortunately, did not help. To exclude several foods from your diet and you will have happiness.

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