Stop looking for love online: you will not find

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_Eb9rOE462rBRvFor some reason, many believe that to find love on the Internet simply. Representatives of my generation, quite often met in blind on the first Dating sites. Who was the Internet who realized that the way to find sex for once and try to impress the girl, often resorted to the services of online Dating sites, the first social networks and forums, where everyone knew each other. Now, many guys also believe that to find love online and that is absolutely normal. So, dude, exceptions to the rule always been there, I did that too the first time. Those were the times: Internet-clubs, Internet modem with a terrible crack and pictures that load forever. What a wonderful time!

40 million Americans, according to a recent survey of a large information website of the newspaper, believe that you can find your soulmate on the Internet. Unfortunately, the data on Russia. We usually meet on Dating sites and social networks. Often we blatantly lie in profiles, ascribe to himself the extra inches somewhere, we note that we have «athletic build (although a couple of times lifting a barbell), notice the checkboxes in the section «favorite books» or write what we like «Fight club» or «the Master and Margarita» favorite books. To read them, as you can understand, not necessarily.

When we wrote the stranger, we usually are very positive. Everyone wants to show their best side when communicating on the network. The girl frankly seems to you reasonable, when he writes a lengthy discourse on the life, or tells about how he loves them. She really likes his work, or just pretending? Does it seem to you that she’s disappointed in life and trying to put yourself in the best light? In the presence of any life experience, you can determine if the girl is lying to you like she wears a mask of an intellectual refined or behaves with dignity? It is difficult to understand someone else’s soul, which, as we know, the darkness. Especially if she’s hiding on the other side of town.

Lie in profiles has become the norm, because we have to somehow distinguish themselves from the gray mass of the standard: «Hello beauty, my name is Alexander. I’m forty, I live with my mom, and I’ll be your master.» Sometimes you go to Dating sites is so much fun!

Most girls on these sites focus on simplicity and some kind of vivid detail that will help catch all the pretenders to perfect of the beauty’s hand. She won’t even take you if you’re not hooked. No one cares about the miles of text that girl-the intellectual will not read. However, the local contingent will not appreciate your knowledge of Schopenhauer and blue period Picasso. Checked personally! On Dating sites there is no choice. Everything in life is simple: like it or not. Approach, ask out, talk, understand everything about her and start Dating. Smart-ass Americans invented term describing the principle of seeking partners on Dating sites. It’s called «relationshopping». You go shopping with self-service and gather in a basket a variety of products that were to your liking. You don’t feel for them a strong sympathy, they are only more or less suit you. Quite a specific attitude towards choosing a life partner, isn’t it? Between us and the girl from space there is a strong link, we cannot observe her nice habits and look for those items that we like. Of course, we can try to read between the words in her messages, but, frankly, lie in the network is much easier than in real life. But if a girl lie like a gas meter in real life, sometimes it is nice to see. As said Dovlatov, when a beautiful girl is lying, it’s not cheating, and poetry.

When we list in our profiles favorite literature, music, interests and films, we write on the front door of our house: «a key under the Mat!» To us it becomes easier to approach because in real life not written, we love the fantasy and creativity of Pelevin. And so the girl appears way to insinuate to us in confidence, saying, «Yes, I once read and even fiction Pelevin, but I don’t remember that…» And we have pricked up his ears, scratching pens and hard to myself: «Oh, mate!» She acquires in our eyes a wonderful halo so special girl, if you’re not initially hostile to all women. I’m not saying you have to lock the door of your heart, but for God’s sake, find someone who really is on the same path. Don’t give them a set of rules by which you live. Let them show you the rules by which they play, and then decide whether you want to join this game.

The higher you have specified in the profile of the income, the more you will answer. In turn, the more explicit photos of the girl, the more answers from her. Here’s a real side of online Dating. I would also like to add that on Dating sites sits perfectly wonderful audience so sincerely hate our readers girls-of TP and Chicks. Most likely, they have a big problem with finding people in real life or is it as it is, but doesn’t know that his «Zaya» is flirting with someone in any of Mamba.

Go out and start talking with people in real life. So you’ll know what’s what. In life, don’t use stupid filters, no photoshop retouch problem areas and not patch the skin. In life more likely to consider what she appreciates you indicators: quantitative or qualitative. In life it is easy to know what we want. Turn off the computer, take off your headphones and find the one who makes you be better. It will be a real adventure.

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