Stop hanging out with women and start a serious relationship


Over the past few years, many experts sociologists have noted that young people are less likely to start a serious relationship. Instead of serious relationships people just spend time together that doesn’t should be anything serious.

They just spend time together than doing. They go to clubs, restaurants or play at home in computer. The atmosphere is very relaxed, easy, and the relationship never went beyond friendship (or a little more frivolous relations). There is nothing wrong or bad, but this pastime will not replace a serious relationship.

A serious relationship are, for example, civil marriage and the obligations that will help you better know someone and possibly start a long term relationship.

Why reduce the number of serious relationships?

There are many factors due to which young people rarely have to start a serious relationship. Here are some of them:

1. Young people do not like to give

They are too busy trying to «find themselves» to be beholden to someone. Many companies complained about the change in morality among young people. Companies invest large sums in the training of new employees and those changing jobs, having worked on it for two years only, simply because can find new. This reluctance to pay can be considered from the point of view of relations between a man and a woman. Young people don’t want to be tied down to someone below just in case to have the freedom, if they suddenly came into our heads, for example, to go to Europe backpacking.

2. The Internet has reduced the social skills of young people

Instead of saying to the person directly about your interest in it, young people come to the chat or social network. They are looking for the object of his attention Vkontakte or Facebook. The Internet has made contacts between people is very simple, but at the same time that people have become more lazy in terms of a serious relationship. If you’re over 18 and you still use Vkontakte or Facebook to tell someone that you are interested, you have something to think about.

3. Feminism

Feminism is a good thing. Well, that a woman can choose her career or become a housewife and loving mother, or to combine both roles. But it is somewhat confusing to men. Therefore, the relations between the sexes is quite complicated. Men concerned with such questions as «Who should make the first move? If I did not think it that I’m in a hurry? Who pays for dinner? We split the bill?» It is this uncertainty and makes men prefer slutty women serious.

4. Men are completely inflexible

They don’t know how to be in case of refusal or negative answer. Therefore men tend to avoid possible failure, without having to talk to a woman about a serious relationship.

Why serious relationship?

Many men today want to have a serious relationship but only with the woman who «hooked». Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just hanging out, but it will not replace a serious relationship. A serious relationship is the way to find true love and marry. Marriage stroica on relationships, so it is better to start with a woman having a serious relationship with anyone. You can continue to chat with a girl now, but if you start a serious relationship, it will forever be just your friend. So start seriously and stop just to spend time with her.

Revive a serious relationship

So, are you ready to start a serious relationship. In reality it is not so difficult. Here are some basic principles that should be followed to move to a serious relationship with a woman.

1. She wants you to take the initiative

Despite all the talk of emancipation, women still appreciate it when a guy asks her if she wants a serious relationship. Women like it when men show initiative. Many successful young women regret the fact that men do not raise the question about a serious relationship. They are beautiful, smart, charming, but not have her husband. Be a man and ask them this question.

2. Ask a question about a serious relationship, very simple

It’s not rocket science. Ask this question in person or by telephone. If you ask her this question through a social network, it is unlikely to receive a positive response.

3. Do not make a serious relationship

Dating should not be too long and expensive. Make them as simple as possible. If you want to offer her a serious relationship in a relaxed setting, ask her about it over lunch or coffee. If you want to make a romantic date, invite the woman to his home and feed her lunch. It will surely impress your culinary skills. The main goal of a serious relationship is a way to understand whether you want to marry his beloved. Frequent and simple Dating within a serious relationship will help you to understand it.

4. Be prepared for failure

Not every woman is going to say Yes. Get ready for this. If she said no, it’s not a disaster. You have nothing to lose: you both never dated, and never will, so your situation is totally changed.

5. If you’ve decided that you need a serious relationship, make a move

Read these tips and take the phone, dial the number and ask the very girl if she wants to begin with you serious relations. Stop hanging out and start to act. Do not be afraid of commitments: they’ll in no limit.

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