Stop doing this crap

The world has enough harmful knowledge, preferences and habits that inexplicably keep us in strange dependencies. There are rules of conduct which we adhere to in odd ways. If desired, of course, all this is easily explained by the fact that every person in varying degrees, dependent on society. It’s one thing when society dictates his will, and he performs, never thinking; the other, when he at least occasionally makes what he likes. Another «upasaka of life» from will show you what are the things, rules, stereotypes and other nonsense imposed on us from outside, we should forget or dismiss.

1. Complexity

How many times should you say that life is pretty simple?! If you turn your head, don’t be distracted by other people and to be able to understand their needs, you can do without many unpleasant situations. We love to complicate our lives: we live with women we don’t like; doing work that we don’t like to delight family and environment; do not say the truth, when nothing threatens our position in society; they abandon their desires and fantasies, because someone laughed at them. But in fact it’s pretty simple: you find something that pleases you, and you use it, simultaneously getting rid of what’s causing you frustration, hatred and other negative feelings. Vile relatives, bad girls, shady friends? Who said that they can and need to chat? Nafig them! What is better: to send and suffer a few days off from pangs of conscience, or to endure their attitude to you over the years?

2. Funny you try to be cynical, callous and evil

You know, where it looks cool? In films about physicians, Noir detectives and black-and-white comics. In other cases, it looks like an attempt to be cynical, cooler and to protect themselves from someone else’s desires to get into your soul. For some reason I still remember a young neformalov from the moment that spoke in the courtyard of the University when he was out of cigarettes (most of them). Stands before you a guy who is below you on the head, thin and stooped, with glasses and acne, shoulder bag with soft symbols of the group of Russian rock. He’s sucking some cheap cigarette L&M or Aliance and says something like «I never trust nobody, everyone is trying to fuck my soul!» This seems incredibly pathetic, dude! To people who are trying to look open and friendly, reaches far more people, even considering the fact that these open and friendly people they don’t like. If you ever heard the phrase «People treat you the way you treat them», know it’s wrong. People treat you the way you show them yourself. If you look friendly, but without inflection, people will treat you the same, sincerely to love, not necessarily, because you still will not work. In reality, you need to treat people normal. Without enthusiasm, without trying to ferret out their weaknesses. A clean sheet, in which you mentally make notes, knowing if you like someone or not. Good mysterious skeptics attitude is much better than the angry cynics, because the first is clearer. People do not like to understand the intricacies of the soul.

3. The belief that you’re too spoiled

What the hell is this, man? What are you, Nastasia Philipovna, or Sonya Marmeladova in Dostoevsky? A fallen woman was straight! Even if you once drank like Bukowski, slept with prostitutes, had multiple women and was rude and ill-mannered man, doesn’t have to be shy. It’s worth to fix and work on yourself, instead of sitting over a bottle of port wine and telling everyone you meet that you can’t feel the beauty that your life was in vain that you’ll never find don’t love the new woman because your ex broke your heart and left with debts. All of this makes you formulaic hero some stupid tragicomedy for Housewives. Just start something to do. Don’t understand good literature? The more I read. Does not work with women because of past relationships, and because they don’t take seriously? Preplexing. I think that you will never be able to get in shape? Read our tips and get, finally, himself. All these beautiful words you hide their laziness and impotence. It’s disgusting to watch, man!

4. The desire to get approval from each

Even when we try to fulfill their own dreams, we want to find foreign support. It is a common thing. But sometimes it is necessary to understand that the approval can not wait. Or it will be not as we expected. If you want constant approval from someone, you get them in dependence, and in the case of any failure you have a huge chance to throw your idea. So never try to get approval from someone. Just do your thing, and if you will support, it will be a pleasant surprise and will give you strength for new achievements. If you just can’t you just be independent of other people’s opinions.

5. Great expectations

Never expect too much, still a chance that you will get everything and be happy with it, is extremely small. Instead, simply learn to be content with little. Not in the sense that there is a bowl of rice and a piece of bread for the whole day, and to learn to manage the resources you got, right. The degree of satisfaction from the process is directly associated not with how much you did and how you used it and learned to accept. If you ever fly something big and beautiful, you’re going to use this correctly and not screw the pooch on this for five minutes.

We are now taking on «predatory things of» too many expectations and emotions, we are trying to wait for their response and reciprocity, but these are just things, tools that are created for convenience.

6. To buy unnecessary things

I have one very good friend, sore sore consumption. He’s a hell of a fan of gadgets and console changes, and bling for computer, tablets and smartphones far more often than it should. Change smartphone or video card every two months because they are sick of you, wrong. Most people can’t understand that things are the means. No need to completely abandon gadgets, cloths and other shit, you have to treat them right. Clothes need to normally look and not suffer from the cold, the gadgets that they play, read and chat with them. If the smartphone performs the full range of functions that you need, why do you have a tablet? Why a month to change their phone to a smartphone with a screen a little more, because he’s not going to fit in a pocket? We are now taking on «predatory things of» too many expectations and emotions, we are trying to wait for their response and reciprocity, but these are just things, tools that are created for convenience. If you treat it as such, it will be simple. The problem of consumption is disclosed in a large number of works of art, that their enumeration would take much time, but the only reason potreblenia in people, not in things.

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