Stonehenge needs a Manager


Yeah, man, sometimes it seems that in these foreign countries all, of course, snickering. How else can you call what is happening in Britain?!

Stonehenge (Yes, dude, this thingy) need a Manager! That is not just a leader, a specialist in public relations, but rather… with the druids. Well, you know, dude, druids with all these newfangled religions has bred a simply incredible array of, every last druid in the twelfth generation. So tell me about the benefits of education.

In fact, acting General Director of kameny will be such: arrange druid celebrations of the summer solstice, to watch, not to spoil the stones to. do, don’t hang people under trees with mistletoe, not burned them, singing and dancing next to Stonehenge and behave decently.

Pay very godly: 65 000 pounds sterling a year. However, you will need to look like a real druid. However, for the money, we agree.

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