Stoned revolution

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2015_iNE7pbn13OSoeIn a society always had some topics on which discussion was raised a formidable taboo. Each era and every decade chooses their own bans. It happened with the topic of legalization of drugs, and this is understandable. The expression «legalization of drugs» is quite loud, scandalous. It raises numerous issues: the legalization of any drugs? The legalization of heroin and screws too? Why do they need? In General, clear, fine, put him, we don’t want to understand!

Meanwhile, if the problem is not to watch, not to discuss it anywhere, the problem will not go away. Therefore, we believe that it is always necessary to understand before drawing any conclusions, and especially to hold any position.

So, we won’t tell you what is good and what is bad. And why is the grass and heroin is not the same thing. You’re already a grown man and all should understand it, but we’ll tell you what happened or is happening in this world with these topics.

The legal status of cannabis is not particularly changed over the decades. The respect due to international law, which was pushed to the UN, has always been negative. Different countries still compete in the absurd legal regulations when for a small bag of herbs you can take as many years as you sit a rapist in anti-scientific populism when the topic is used to receive the support of conservative voters and cheap popularity.

Partial legalization is, in some European countries: in the Czech Republic – the capital of this country has long been famous for its nightlife, the Netherlands, with its famous coffee shops and the opium law, which restricts drug trafficking, as well as Spain and Portugal.

But in 2013 there was a country where there was full legalization of this plant for any purpose is Uruguay. 10 Sep 2013 the Senate of Uruguay fully endorsed the bill on decriminalization of marijuana, this was preceded by the approval of the lower house of Parliament.

It’s really a smart innovation that pushes [the market] crime and allows the government to focus on fighting more serious crimes. If this will be emulated by other countries and legalization will also apply to other drugs, the damage that drugs cause in the world, will be drastically reduced.

The Economist, an influential British weekly.The event is actually very important because the positive results of this action, namely the reduction of consumption of hard drugs and the destruction of the drug cartels can undermine the intransigence toward cannabis from other countries.

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2015_vYDFPUPQfZ9B2Later, in January 2014, Colorado (USA) were also fully legalized this plant. What you fought hunter S. Thompson, participating in the political life of this state, became a reality. Cannabis in Colorado acquired the same legal status as alcohol, with all the attendant taxes and other things. In addition to Colorado to buy weed for fun you can have three States: Alaska (2014) Oregon (2014) and Washington (2013). With curative intent to purchase the plant in 20 States of the USA.

The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that the United States was the engine of struggle with any drug trafficking. It began, of course, after the 60s, when a wave of hippies and pacifists had an enormous influence on US policy. Many of them subsequently became members of the Democratic Party or the libertarian party of the United States, but most lived out their days in a drugged stupor, or changed a mullet and a trailer for a business suit and an office. The Republicans, supported by the conservative part of society, far from all innovations and recalls with horror how their children had a ball and toured the country with the sole purpose – to live happily and freely, made their way to power and made a little terror and the soul society. It resulted in some of the UN Convention, which the U.S., in the face of the state, now and break.

An intelligent man will always be seen in the political actions of some purely commercial interest, if not, then it is likely to go about support of a particular part of the population. The use of scientists or researchers in order to confirm its policy is a thankless task. Typically, scientists can begin to say no to things and give out information that is at odds with the course that chose one or the other government.

For example, Professor, neuropsychopharmacology David Nutt when he worked as an Advisor in the British government to the Advisory Council on the misuse of drugs. David Nutt has created the so-called scale of harm, using 16 clear parameters, and then took the 20 drugs, distributing them in all these 16 types of possible damage. Reducing the data to a computer program, a research group David Nutt found that the most harmful of all drugs is alcohol.

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2015_wlwGjFqTsQb0TIt showed that the laws against drugs, which ignore the most harmful drug of all, based on an incorrect understanding of the possible negative consequences. I decided that is simply obliged to establish a scientific truth. And suddenly one day they called me and said I should resign. I asked: «Why?» I replied, «Because you’re being ambiguous. We have a certain line. Cannabis is bad, alcohol is good, and if we tell you that you must resign, we mean that you are fired.»

Professor David Nutt ‘s Dismissal of Professor Nutt was widely reported in the British media. But the scandal has raised a much more important subject than the legalization of soft drugs, namely: what is the role of science in government? Perhaps you and he often run across the opinion that some of the decisions it is wiser to take only from a scientific position, to bypass the mass ignorance and political games.

And again we come across a conflict that cannot be solved in an overly centralized society. Yes, we have a great opportunity in order to determine to decide what is right and what is wrong, what is right and wrong. The Internet allows you to locate any desired information to you, and if you possess the necessary skills to weed out the trash is hard not to be. But how many people who want to understand such a controversial issue? Perhaps a certain part of humanity just need to feel a certain pressure, which allows it to simplify your life and not get in trouble. To begin with, we should learn just to discuss these issues. And maybe with examples of some of the countries we will finally be able to get rid of drug trafficking and production, the quality of which is a direct consequence of human victims.

The times are changing.

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