Stockholm syndrome. Stop being a victim

August 23, 1973 a simple Swedish escapee, Jan-Erik Olsson single-handedly captured the Bank «Kreditbanken» in Stockholm, injuring one policeman and took hostage four employees of the Bank – three women and one man. As always, the police in buckets of shit began to flow requirements, in particular that it brought his cellmate Oloffson. Together they carefully psyched to be a COP in the phone and protect the hostages. Those Swedish guys are patient, but any patience comes to an end. In the end, the assault, the criminals seem to all be fired, the curtain.

But here’s the paradox, the former hostages said they feared no invaders, nothing wrong with them who did not, and the police. According to some, they for their money, hired lawyers Olsson and Olofsson.

In the course of the trial Olofsson failed to prove that he did not help Olsson and, on the contrary, tried to rescue the hostages. He was cleared of all charges and released. At liberty he met with one of the hostages, and that, instead of stick for all the wrongs of the fork in the knee, Milo greeted him. Since they are family friends.

Here is a behavior where the victim feels sympathy for his executioner, called «Stockholm syndrome». He named respectively in honor of the fact of a strange case. Of course, this is manifested splendor not only in stressful situations but also in everyday life. Remember the movie «Brother», where the driver of the tram of Light gave preference to the hero of our time Daniel, her husband drunk, prikladyvaya his heavy hand to her head more often than the bottle.

And it happens all the time, even when you are in the position of a friend, which you endlessly nagging, arguments, and just playing on your nerves. Kinda the same thing.

Why is this happening? It’s very simple: the body’s natural reaction to psychological trauma. To return to the familiar world where there are no noisy women, drinking men, and brandishing their weapons and masked men. Hostage denies the suffering caused by the offender, and identificeret with him to survive. The victim, even if the aggressor does not know that beginning, so to speak, to be at the same time. Shared the hardships and privations of them together. Some even tend to say that the love of the President who put the country in a posture of elegant – and is one of the manifestations. Because you cannot justify the crimes.

How to avoid becoming a victim of the Stockholm syndrome? This question has no answer, psychiatrists in many countries are struggling with this. But any disease, even psychological, can prevent it. That you need to remember Bulletin psychological casualties.


What is this strange word? Nothing to do with the gas it has. It’s such a psychological aggressive strategy, the purpose of which is to sow into a man of doubt in my own perception of reality and sanity. If you constantly reconsider my opinion, sorry for nothing, can’t make a simple choice and I understand that doing the wrong thing, but can’t do anything, then you are in big trouble. We need, first and foremost, to train self-confidence, and maybe even see a psychiatrist because often these symptoms are caused by schizophrenia, a disease which is better of hemorrhoids, but not nearly as pleasant.

Normal attitude

Violence is sometimes difficult to determine, especially if you have no idea what is a normal relationship. If you think that something of the following is not enough, it is likely that you really were exposed to psychological violence.

– Goodwill, emotional support.

– The right to their own feelings and thoughts even if they differ from the feelings and thoughts of another person.

– The absence of threats to physical or emotional nature, including explosions of anger.

– Respectfully appeal to you, do not allow disparaging nicknames or other degradation.

If you feel, man up and put your mind in dissent with the emerging desire to go to the wolf skin of the aggressor.

Different forms of violence

Remember that forms of violence are different, including the methodical poking your nose in error. Incidentally, when you use as a vest is also a form of violence, only without fists. Unreasonable demands and all that… What to do with such a man? To send away. Snaps to Polish the snout, he is enough of your blood drank.

The victim’s condition

Need to victimhood in which you are all day. If the grievances, hardships you feel a growing apathy, then be ready for immediate immersion in the image of the victim.

Do not give in to gimmicks

In the 90s the Japanese Embassy in Peru was seized by terrorists. Captured no less 500 people who gathered to celebrate the birthday of the Japanese Emperor. Then out of kindness and for practical reasons (uncomfortable to hold under control) has released the most. So, this is the part after such a Grand gesture began to scream that the terrorists are right and demand the normal things (and they fought for people’s happiness Peru). A leader of the extremists, Nestor, Cartoline, even called respectable and good man. And the victims, for a moment, was a rich and respectable people.

Now, remember the first point and not give in to the concessions. Even if the aggressor continues to torture you, whether a chief, who squeezes you dry, mocking you like you’re a pawn in the hands of a grandmaster, but it promises you a promotion and nice to you, if there is any discomfort, it means something went wrong.

Remember the old French masterpiece «the Fugitives», the annoying Depardieu imbued with sympathy for took him hostage Pierre Richard and his daughter. Do not enter into their situation was impossible. But it is important to remember that they are aiding and abetting. As in the case of terrorism, as in the case of domestic violence. In the end, any normal person hate to feel like a victim of something, you need to take action, to be cool, and what to do with the offender, you decide.

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