Stirling Engines

Stirling engines – not a new invention. This is evidenced by two facts: firstly, nowadays no one calls the invention of his name, and, secondly, and this is a more powerful argument, a patent for an invention was issued almost 200 years ago.

The same StirlingEssentially a Stirling engine is the most common external combustion engine. If you, our young friend, I belong to those people who do not understand the difference between the engines internal and external combustion engines, as an example, can cause the washing machine which washes clothes outside. In General the invention is useful for the 18th century, but in 21 this ridiculous thing would be some problems with use. It is difficult to imagine a new Ferrari with a fire under the hood, which warms up the pistons. Of course, we cannot exclude that such a method of producing a driving force will get a second life in the factories of the domestic automobile industry, and the owners underestimated prior will throw coal and manure in the tanks of their fine cars, but at the moment the above-mentioned engine almost been written off.

As you know, all of history is cyclical. In the 17th century, inventors have kindly borrowed the basic principles of the engine the guys, who lived more than 2000 years ago. Somehow turned out to be the drive mechanism of the gate of the Cathedral, which formed the basis for the invention of the external combustion engine. Technology of the time did not allow to go further the theoretical outline and a well-functioning prototypes. Of course, as befits a truly great inventor, our hero Stirling, at the right time and in the right place. He, Stirling, didn’t have to invent anything new, it only modified existed at the time the engine and was able to achieve its stable operation. Thus, the invention of the «migrated» to the new owner for the second time. But not everything went so smoothly. Despite the fact that the motor has obvious advantages, such as its «pantophagy» and the ability to work from any source of heat, whether burning wood or accidentally set fire to a neighbor’s horse, he had many disadvantages, and the main one is a horrible cumbersome due to the need of cooling, and of course an open flame. Instead, with the invention of several decades, humanity decided to put it on the top shelf and forget about its existence.


Was in 1990, when a Herman Boehm decided to resurrect the engine simple Stirling. As approaching Christmas holiday Bohm began to reflect on what kind of gift to impress your clients and friends. Stumbled on a magazine of model building, Bohm drew attention to the Stirling engines that are powered by hot air. The idea so intrigued the young entrepreneur that he is, overcoming some initial difficulties, has launched the first engines of its own design. The customers were delighted! For almost 25 years, the engines built by Herman, not become a replacement for the usual internal combustion engines, but they made Souvenirs. And not just vague statuetochki of metal that I want to re-gift at the first opportunity, and really operating device with the corresponding setting!

We found a store of these thingsnearby the Internet who agreed to provide us with some pictures of the engines and a working sample, which we, of course, is not true.


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