Sting: the cynic who could all

2 Oct the man who writes elegant, respectable and at the same time emotional music for all, will celebrate 64 years. God, how old are our idols! Although, sting (aka Gordon Matthew Sumner Thomas) on my looks, because all (or almost all) the good things of life in your pocket: a bunch of kids, a beautiful wife, a Villa in Tuscany, with untold wealth, stuffed Bank accounts, the army of fans, greater creativity and ability to write the kind of music he wants.

But such ventures can afford not everyone, because there is a risk of losing loyal fans who are accustomed to a certain style and do not share the desire of stars to try a new field. The audience – most often conservatives. But the fact that sting has never sat on the spot. In the stormy sea of showbiz it is constantly thrown from one style to another. Hoping to play useless jazz-rock, he for the sake of glory begins to play fusion mix of reggae and punk rock, and gain experience and courage, is in a fine ordeal, trying to play popular, but not like any music. This in recent years, he wrote albums based on jazz and classical music. The albums great but not all witnesses. But fans forgive, because each album is bound to be a couple this time and in this hour masterpieces. Sting has always been relevant.

All this tells us is that he’s an incredible talent… and the careful reader will notice that he has everything else and is incredibly cunning and cynical beetle, which in the 80s was annoyed the world community is almost stronger than Timothy. However, everything in order.

Sting has always been able to keep the «star» dust in the eyes. The author of one of the most beautiful and desapontada ballads in the world, brilliant melodist and poet, at heart he always remained (and probably continues) to be the cynical, greedy for glory, defiant kid from Newcastle, whose megalomania was closely even within the Universe. Although it can be understood. It is quite a long way to recognition and fame, unlike many rock stars of his generation, quite late – only in 28 years. Many have risked and lost a lot of things, yet was on its thorny path to the cherished «pop-rock of Parnassus.»

As a human being rather tricky, he chose the bass guitar, not because I loved her sound, but because judged as over a mug of ale in one of the pubs, great guitarists and bass players, not really. And with the tenacity of Sisyphus, who pushes stone up the mountain, he honed his skills in almost all Dukelskych groups of the time. He understood that to become successful, you have to be a true professional, and therefore played with children, and old completely different kinds of music. Just to be able to all.

Somehow fate had led him into an Amateur jazz ensemble, consisting mainly of pensioners who had nothing to do. It was there that she called him that stupid nickname sting (sting). All because his favorite striped sweater that he wore almost constantly. Since then and got accustomed. But now sting is the brand. It is a sign of quality music. While, however, this nickname is called, found it because only the lazy did not notice sharp, like a blow with a sickle in the balls, it is.

However, we should remember about the glorious town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where our hero happened to be born into. He is known English proverb «Newcastle with their coal,» which has the same value as domestic «To Tula with his samovar» once Grozny football club «Newcastle United» and the famous brown ale. But, in fact, if you close your eyes at the sights, hole hole. And the guy did not want to live in a shithole.

Like many other ambitious boys from the periphery, the city is literally «choked» him. Irritated the devout residents, a specific local dialect, «geordie», is not clear in the other Britain, and the dimensions match the ambitions. Even irritated his home, after he found his mother in the arms of the gardener, and the school. However, at school he was very popular, sharp tongue always made him stand out from the crowd, and magazines with erotic content, which he wore to school, only added to rating in the Treasury. Finest hour came when sting drew a math teacher with a huge cock and a goat head. And girls were attracted by his popularity and determination. According to the stories, a standard affair started after his threats: «If you’re not going to go out with me, I’ll kill you». But school is out, ambitions grew, and understanding of how to become a star, was not.

He changed many professions. Was a road worker, he worked in the office field. Even managed one day to work in a Church school. However, this fact of his life can hardly be called successful. Immediately realizing that the job’s going to be bored, sting has chosen a rather original and interesting topic – adultery. And told, accordingly, do not dry pastoral language, and… well, you understand.

One time he was even ready to give up the dream of becoming a famous musician. In the end, he had a profession – a teacher. He could become a Director of a College, and in the evenings to gather with friends-musicians and play for a respectable soul jazz. But after another rehearsal with another ensemble he realized that he had grown into this city, and if he didn’t leave now he’ll never go.

He moved to London. At first Affairs went not very much. Playing with various groups at concerts at the club, he sometimes gave such cocks that they just went to the concert.

Sting wanted to play his favorite jazz-rock. But it was England, it was the ‘ 70s. He was just useless. The whole world loved punk rock, from the Clash and the Sex pistols. Hating punk rock soul, but knowing there is no other way. Gordon (accent on the first syllable, not to be confused with TV presenter) went to defy his principles. However with their terms.

And so, taking my bass in one hand, and ideas – in another, he found very talented musicians, who took his Napoleonic plans. Stewart Copeland and Andy summers organized the rock group «The Police» – one of the greatest rock bands of the new wave had their own style and character.

Strictly speaking, invented by sting’s blend of reggae and punk quickly won the hearts of fans. «The police» will not soon become known. First playing zabolevanij, smelling of cheap beer clubs future, known to all generations and around the world hits, they have not had success. They sounded wet, and the music has not yet found that special «raisins», which will appear later. But it was a wild desire to be famous. For a photo or mention in a little bit of famous magazine guys were ready to give his soul to the devil to stoop to the baseness. The police tried desperately to pull people the first wife of sting, worked part-time actress. And now, practically feeling its soil, normalsize, they began to sign the contract for the contract to produce hit after hit and get their fruits of gold. «Roxanne», «Every Breath You Take», the incredible «Mesaage in the Bottle», which is difficult not to listen to 50 times a day, and which was mutilated a million young fingers (because to play it at a normal pace is difficult enough). The voice of sting acquired that same magic and hoarse piercing, which is still preserved, but the famous insight was still far away. Still, their work was defined by the music. Being a first class bassist, he managed to blend into one sound, then with well-known guitarist Copeland and talented hipster summers, and his simple but melodious bass are highly valued even such geniuses four strings like flea and Paul McCartney.

rolice cannot be called a group name, sting. Yes, he was the brightest and most arrogant member of the trio, but the famous guitar wrote it Mr. summers (not to be confused with Sumner).

But nothing is eternal under the moon. Especially when the group in which plays our hero. A sense of self-arrogance passed all bounds, and at the peak of popularity the leader of the group, the poet, the mind, honor and conscience, her voice is, quite simply, gave up their comrades, pre-watering their dirt in interviews and going in solo sailing, which is still ongoing and gave him stranded oblivion. Just Gordon very properly started. He had to cut the audience without a knife. Something relevant, everybody asks me about it. As I recall, it was the beginning of the 80s, the Cold War, and despite the fact that spotted the General Secretary of the Soviet Union swore up and down that he wants peace and goodness, the Western world was still the sticky fear and hatred of the «Evil Empire». Thus was born the spicy song «Russians». Beautiful, interesting, with the same soulful vocals of sting. But the words: «I hope the Russians love their children too» – from the man who all his life saying he loved Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, to hear that kind of hurt. This is doubly interesting, because the song is based on the famous Prokofiev «Lieutenant kije.» Even as a shame to use the heritage of Russian culture and to sing to the address it has spawned people such words. However, the song is not about war, it is a call to peace.

And in parallel, sting worked on the image. On reflection, and noting that all stars are sponsoring or funding a certain subject area, he decided to help the Indians of the Amazon. He has agreed to an adequate and not very role in any cinematic nonsense that was his name. In the end, he has released great songs such as «Englishman in New Uork,» which, in fact, tells of his move to relocate to the city of dreams, and the problems associated with a different cultural worldview. But the problem was that Sumner crossed there’s a thin line between fame and meddling. He could be heard everywhere, everywhere said it has become more than stars in the known channel. He, meanwhile, tired of all reporters in the world, because in every interview talked about the Indians of the Amazon and was tagged in mediocre movies. It’s closer to 2000, starred in the role of the good bartender «Cards, money, two trunks». And in the 80s this led to the fact that it recognized the most boring star of the decade.

It was just an attempt to stay afloat and provide a tasty life of their descendants, which increased. His new wife gave birth every two years. By the way, that even a crook. The former best friend of his wife, who were trying to steal her husband. Brilliant job. And while she nursed children, Gordon has created a number of companies which quite cunning scheme to cut money in his pocket. At that moment it seemed to him that to be an intellectual – a great PR move. But his life, he estimated only from the point of view of public relations. After reading a bunch of works on philosophy, ridicule journalists intellect, inserting quotes from Nietzsche.

All this prosperity inevitably led to a complete collapse. The late 80s – early 90s was for the singer as grim as for our country. The song was written, business partners almost made him bankrupt, he suddenly realized that all his finances are going anywhere but not to the aid of his beloved Indians. The final point of their strange «love» was the visit of the leader of the tribe and sting to the Pope. On it the chief said the Pope, impulsive, poking a finger at him, so he withdrew his men from the forests. On the basis of the Vatican chambers, sting was furious at the nearly primitive behavior of the leader. How could he poke a finger in God’s Deputy on earth? Unable to stand, he called the leader an idiot. To which he still never spoke English, he answered clearly and without hesitation on a beautiful and correct Shakespeare’s language: «you will hear.»

Not knowing what to do, sting tried to settle down in Ireland… No luck. Crucifying in every interview on how he loves the emerald Isle, one day, the musician Packed up the family and left him. Just in one of the pubs he had said it, and then want to hide and not come out. All the bloody pouring unctuous speech, the Englishman terribly annoyed local residents, who lived in a state of civil war.

Sumner had gradually become the object of ridicule, his songs did not cause anything but boredom. He was everywhere a stranger: in new York, where prescribed, in London, in his native Newcastle, which he is too often called the «ass of the world». But then an event occurred which gave rise to a new chain of actions that brought the sting to Olympus. A very tragic event – the death of his father. Relations have been strained, and Gordon knew from childhood that will become a venerable figure in an interview called his father – a humble businessman – loser. But one day, according to sting, her father took her hands and said, «the Fingers you have mine, only you’re better than them.» A little later his mother died. No matter how many years you was not, and no matter how successful you think you are, the death of parents, you are orphaned, deprived of the moral support and, in fact, left alone, without people who love you any.

Came disgusting, dreary it’s time to think about my life. First of all, he realized, what he, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, what is hidden under meaningless in his opinion, the pseudonym of an asshole. Sadness fell on his already damaged shoulders. These arms can withstand the weight of heavy bass. But to sustain mental anguish and the guilt was a little harder. Mental torment gave rise to a powerful creative impulse, which was born of the best solo albums of the singer. However, the process went immediately. 3 years it took to recover. Sting himself said that nothing worked. Locked in the Studio – the music was not. Folk remedies, like coke and other research, also did not solve the problem. It all started accidentally, with one song, and then, as they say, process has gone.

First came the album «THE SOUL CAGES», not his best work, but the hits became much more, and brighter poems. Particularly interesting is the concept of the album. In fact, it is one story. The story is simple son of a sailor with the name Billy – again, a reference to Samaru Sr., who is wanted in childhood to become a sailor. He wanted to sail with his father, but, alas, one awkward movement – and the father is incompatible with life trauma. Billy continues his father’s work, trying to know the meaning of life, to overcome his grief. Actually, this is sung. But even in February the hill is a place of joy, so that the mood is changing. Accordingly, with the mood changes and the album will sound. Here a wide range of tools and how to a good music store you can hear everything from the volume of the roaring sound of the trumpet to the wild roar of the electric guitar. A mixture of styles, moods. Each song is like a whole life. So sting tried to make amends for everything unsaid before the father.

And then came the work for which Sumner had forgiven all his sins, which is literally attached to it the tag «big». The most piercing and bitter and sad album. «Ten Summnores Night» became the unconditional international blockbuster. And the saddest song of the album, which still causes goosebumps and tears – «Shape of My Heart» is the soundtrack to this beloved movie, as the song itself, «Leon». Since then, sting has become be more settled, and released many hits («Desert rose», «Fragile», «Fields of God» and many others). His quiet, non-provocative music, which he always did («Russians» is an exception, as they say, every family has its black sheep), became more Mature and interesting. And the voice got the velvet insight.

In the last few years of sting pulls to the side of good old reggae-punk, and he, like in the old days, riding with worn Fender bass at the ready, touring the world as part of a reunion of the Police (although the project has been beneficial primarily from a financial point of view), then sings with a Symphony orchestra in a simple outfit a strange mixture of classic ballads and songs, speaks at the Catholic cathedrals with a magical concert with adapted Christmas carols and songs on biblical themes from his album «If On a winter’s Night…». But lately, if he acts, with songs from his latest album, «the Last Ship». Listen to it and know that I wrote them a very grown man.

Over the years, sting has not lost grip, and his every performance like the last one. Look at his concerts, his team, his eternal guitarist Dominic Miller who plays with him always impermissible, violinist who plays like Paganini on LSD. No wonder the tickets cost more than the GDP of Zimbabwe, because it’s worth it.

And now the musician lives happily with his beautiful wife, writes the music he wants, does and promotes yoga, touring, says in every interview that deals with his wife copulation for 7 hours a day, grew a luxurious beard, makes a good wine that is highly valued by the world’s leading wine experts, and claims to be very happy. Well, we can only envy.

And finally, I want to remind you how the Sting of parody in the WHC were raised to the rank of art.

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