Still alive — don’t get married: 10 sharp phrases about marriage

Marriage is a good thing, but it is always followed by a marriage that is very different from what happened to you in the past. Probably, so many brilliant minds on marriage and the marriage will not meet your kind words. Distracting, apparently.

And meanwhile, anticipating a complaint, I hasten to inform you that we are not trying to undermine the institution of marriage and to discredit the barbarous custom of imprisonment, like a wedding. We only urge once again to think before such a serious step and not to spoil the girl life. Otherwise, marriage is the first step to divorce.



From the series «get Married or you get married — still going to regret.» In any case, there is no absolute happiness. Gonna be a solitary man — you’re whining about being single, be single or married — are you going to complain about missed opportunities. Socrates knew not only that Plato is his friend, but truth is more expensive, but the fact that people will always complain.


The wise should not marry. No one can equally serve the books and my wife.

— Jerome And Anatoly Wasserman confirms the statement of the Creator of the canonical text of the Bible. Among scientists there is an opinion: if you’re going to advance science, you must or refuse to give, or to find special, as the wife of Einstein and Landau, miricina with a peculiar behavior of their husbands and also their regular and undisguised infidelities.


Music wedding March always reminds me of a military March before the battle.

— Heinrich Heine —Is the fact that we shouldn’t dream about a house with white walls in which your wife every morning is a graceful gallop with the grace of a swift-footed deer, cute, smiling, preparing the soup and thanks you for what you are a beautiful person. Quiet and smooth surface will not. Are vortices, disputes, insults, misunderstanding and attempts to reconcile with the habits of each other. There is a man who left his wife, as he explained, because of her stupid habit of pooping with the door open and tell. Although the reasons there was so much more.



Interesting, subtle statement. Wow, we never thought about it. But let’s not forget that the marriage of Napoleon such thoughts did not save.


To be happy, man needs confidence in the future, and to be in love, need and uncertainty. Happiness is based on peace, love whereas necessary doubt and anxiety. In General, marriage was intended for happiness, not for love.

— Frederic Beigbeder —Controversial, very controversial statement, however, there are a lot of people who will share the position of the writer. After all, happiness is everyone understands in different ways.


Describe the life of people to pick off on the marriage, it’s like that, describing the journey of man, to cut off the description at the place where the traveler fell to the robbers.

— Leo Tolstoy —And then the thief will torture you tantrums, the instructions and requirements of varying degrees of adequacy.

But to say that Tolstoy is not necessary so to speak. So I feel sorry for in their marriage is the wife Sofya Andreyevna, for many years suffered the whims of the graph. It was she who was its editor and proofreader, rewriting the handwriting of Doodle bearded man. She had to endure all acts of generosity, the sale of the house and progressive in his old age madness, so who else to whom were captured.



English folk version of the iconic sayings: «as long as alive and not married.»


Many men fell in love with a dimple on her cheek, by mistake marrying the whole girl.

— Stephen Leacock —because the writer is absolutely right. And often all the rest are much worse, and even less of the dimples. Therefore, never, under any circumstances, do not hurry with marriage.


To marry is not difficult, difficult to be married.

— Miguel de Unamuno —Spanish philosopher once again warns you about the fact that marriage and cohabitation are two different things that after the rings on your fingers changes a lot, and that love is time, and there comes a grey life, a little similar to something romantic. Pay attention to it, so you do not regret about anything.


Marry should be always the same as we die, that is only when impossible otherwise.

— Leo Tolstoy —And that’s really really useful advice from the graph. Prevents many future disappointments.


And a classic from a professional in the field of communication with the Mexican strippers.

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