Steven Seagal and his epic profession

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_XdAjSLc6unXbASteven Seagal with his constant tail was one of the main characters of the militants ‘ 90s, along with Stallone, Shvartsem, Chan and Willis. But his acting career was constantly subjected to ridicule from viewers and critics. Maybe this guy just didn’t have time to show itself in all its glory, because he, in addition to acting, there are many things that require his indispensable presence. But we love him just the way he smartly knows how to swear in Russian.

1. Deputy Sheriff


In the 80-ies of the Sheriff of New Orleans has asked Stephen to teach his boys the art of unarmed combat. Seagal is a great martial arts master, did not refuse the request, and for quite a long time worked as a personal trainer policemen. Then his career rose to a higher level: the Department has appointed Steven Seagal Deputy of the reserve, and the television channel A&E has released a whole reality show watching and transmitting live such a metamorphosis. Neither before nor after the TV station did not have such high ratings.

2. Master and Teacher of martial arts


Steven got acquainted with Aikido in the sixties, since then, have honed their craft to 7th degree black belt. While staying in Japan in the seventies, he became the first Westerner who has shown interest and, moreover, succeeded, by practicing Aikido dojo. He was a coach of several UFC fighters and MMA, as well as the chief Director and coordinator of the combat tricks in the film about James bond «never say Never».

3. PR


When the United States was swept by a panic about security at the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi, Steven Seagal made a ads on Fox News and said that the FSB is a reliable security service as a world unit to combat terrorism, and Putin – «one of the greatest living world leaders.» Seagal also said he didn’t Approve of Obama’s policies and generally believed that Putin and his «friend that he wanted to see brother.» Here and so.

4. Actor


Contrary to popular belief, opinions about his acting talents, Steven Seagal is still an actor and not just a martial arts master. Dude, you’ve seen the movie, where he beats all the left and right? – The essence does not change. And see this magic hat of a chef on it? Actually, he’s not a chef. He just tries role.

5. Beer promoter

Stephen hacks removed for Australian beer company Carlton Dry, owned by the Fosters group, phenomenal commercials. Guess who’s starring? Can enjoy myself.

6. Musician


Seriously, this guy carries a triple threat. He can thrash out the chopper, shred the guitar and dancing. Steven Seagal has toured extensively with the band Thunderbox, and also performs in a Duo with Stevie wonder.

7. The activist animal rights


Steven Seagal – the owner of a huge ranch, and he cares about the future of our younger brothers. He always takes her in the care of a bunch of animals from shelters, for which he was awarded the humanitarian award from PETA in 1999. He also wrote an open letter to the government of Thailand, calling to stop torture and torment the poor elephants.

8. Businessman


Steven Seagal launches energy drink called «Steven Seagal in «zip» aftershave «Scent of action» and a line of homeopathic oils.

9. Incarnated Buddhist Lama


In the monastery of Mindrolling honourable Lama Penor Rinpoche recognized Seagal a reincarnation of a famous Tibetan teacher Cordina Dorje, who lived in the 17th century. But this actor had to refuse roles in movies where there is violence and death which he did, breaking contracts for the shooting of several films.

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