Stereotypes about sex and beauty and adult life

The best way to disappoint in life is to live believing in stereotypes. A stereotype is an averaged output, which may not be suitable to everyone. And hope that your existence will be like on articles in the magazine Maxim, stupid and pointless.

The article is recommended reading for both men and women.

1. Sex is always a delight

Alas, not always. Even those Cavaliers who moved on to vaginas after months, after bleak years of active handmade, you know that. One thing your brought up on porn and Jesse James of ability and skill, and quite another – your mutual fight. If the girl is frigid, the range of emotions under the name ecstasy do not cover you with his head. In why sex is the interaction when your actions make her writhe in pleasure, you start to feel proud of himself and full moral satisfaction. And when she lies without emotion, considering with distant views of the grooves on the ceiling, the desire to work for the good of love is dramatically lost, despite the fact that you’re not satisfying her and himself.

People should not be happy to have what woman lay in bed with him. No, no and no again. If her behavior during carnal pleasures repeats the action logs, lies motionless on the green grass muravushka, it can also confuse, especially novice fighters. By themselves they are a beautiful female bottoms, bulges and holes, of course, nice, but absolutely useless. The joy of less, if the initiative is not evident. We are not strippers and call the boys, and so serve them have not.

Sex with neinitsiativen woman is no different from sex with a beautiful doll from a sex shop and is more expensive. Masturbation in this case is more profitable. No, man, don’t get me wrong, love women!

2. The joy of oral sex

In continuation of the sensitive topics it touches on the question, which some will argue, others agree. Girls, not all, but many, do not know, do not understand how to do a Blowjob. Not because I don’t want and don’t try, just does not work. Of course, for her getting your «tool» in the mouth must not be great grace and honor, as if the Buddha himself did. But it all leads to the fact that senseless savoring «bolt», inspires at first, becomes boring, uninteresting and meaningless in a minute, especially when your jade scepter falls on a sharp tooth. The lady tries to do as you can, and you, beast, whatever. At first, especially when only the wise know the art of oral foreplay, the climax even if not the most skillful treatment is not long in coming. The very fact that such an intimate submission to her stirs. And then it becomes boring.

You can certainly represent yourself with James Dean (who is Brazzers, not from Hollywood) or johnny Sinkam, to be rude and try to penetrate with his penis the back of her head. But don’t be surprised if the lady will get up, cry and go.

3. Independent life – it is great!

Well, you used to want to leave his father’s house, and then what? You sure you’re ready? Independent life isn’t as fun as it may seem. Of course, it’s better than sitting on the neck of the parents up to 25 years, being a hefty fellow, and to justify the inconsistency of the various arguments: from the crisis in the state to search for the self. It’s about the fact that an independent life is disappointing. It is associated with so many hopes, so many thoughts, and the main stereotype is «an independent life will harden you, will make stronger and more resistant to stress.»

This is actually severe hemorrhoids. Necessary, but still hemorrhoids. It’s not as fun as it may seem. The lack of money, meager earnings, thinking about how to leave money for the apartment and not to die of hunger. Austerity, neglazhennyh clothes and crocodile tears of nostalgia for my mom’s borscht. And then attempts to knock Batey tears of understanding and a bit of cash. You will need certainly to swallow your pride, and what to do. And dad will. He’s already good you got out of the father’s house, the food was no more. Although it is also a stereotype.

4. Too old/very immature

In early childhood it seemed to you that 25 you’re a grown man with a decent income, a car and a wife about to give birth. But you’re twenty-five you’re trying to find work on a speciality in the evenings running into the PlayStation (the only major purchase in your life) and your girlfriend like a mad woodpecker, hammer your brain with a talk about the fact that if you don’t take over your mind, she’ll leave. Here are mercy and spices. A stereotype that man should from childhood to be a man, you can’t always translate in the real world. And at this very moment someone from the family (most often women: mother, grandmother, girlfriend) begins to accuse you of naming an adult child. Like, not grow up guys ever, like his dad, but your grandfather…

A strange contradiction: all demand you in 24 dragged the whole family and preferably distant relatives on their backs, while denouncing the male species for infantilism. In fact neither that, nor another is not true. Yes, you never bought an apartment, a car and received the position of senior Manager in a large international company, but also the child you will not be called if the thoughts are normal.

5. The false stereotypes about beauty


In our perverse age there is a stereotype about female beauty: blonde with big as the vast expanses of the homeland, breast, dressed in a skirt and for some reason, be sure to heels. In childhood the magical image is imposed on you through the TV and Papini magazines. You grow up with the idea that this is ideal, MS improve, thinking that ideal. And then your tastes change, are formed, strengthened, thanks to life experience. Lovers of small Breasts because nothing less than great. To admit that big Breasts can be intimidating. Here is what to do with it? It is the same. Even stronger is an increasing frustration after transforming bra. Have you introduced him to the hills of delight, and under them two mediocre tubercle. And then, excuse me, to chase something more?

And about the heels complete nonsense, especially if you’re small in stature, only 1,60 rose from the ground. Well, about the hair… Funny. When there are so many stunning brunettes and brown hair, it’s silly to only focus on one color.

As for skirts, many would agree that skinny jeans cause more joy than orange peel cellulite that sticks out from under the barely covering the shame of the fabric.

6. A bunch of women and infidelity

Some absolutely savage stereotype, which is the place to be only because people religiously believe in it. The future without change is impossible, get married, love will disappear, and he «automatically» go left». Utter nonsense. And that young man who showed his sexual abilities in only one or maximum two girls will be unhappy. If you start to give examples of the opposite, it will take a few days. It all depends on you. When you look at other women, as a tool to relieve tension in the groin, you will pull to the left. When you look at your sweetheart as a necessary attribute of the apartment, then all these thoughts will visit your head.

The more you overestimate yourself if you think that in the future girls will jump on you like monkeys on a palm tree. There is a possibility that your girlfriend one of a kind.

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