Stereotypes about men, which does not necessarily follow

During the Jurassic Period, the Triceratops had created stereotypes that, in their opinion, must answer to the man. Man should, man must… Who said that needs? In what century was that? Stereotypes obsolete, and to follow some not necessarily.

A man should not be sentimental

Sentiment began to be regarded as something indecent, and cynicism is elevated to an absolute. But, as he wrote Otar Kushanashvili, «these people don’t know what they are before other to look into the abyss, the abyss will suck them.»

Sentimentality is not so every time to publicly weep at the sight of puppies and the ending of «Titanic.» It is to be able to feel things, to know their depth to be more sensitive to others, and therefore more wise. «Lapis» sang about, «men don’t cry». Even as the cry. Do not be shy, but to advertise it and to abuse it is not necessary. If you, as the hero Brendan Fraser, crying at the sight of the West, you should go to the doctor or to the art.

A man should be a little nicer monkey, and he must smell like a goat

So try to arrange your own happiness when you smelled like a cesspool. Try to get a job. You know what you will do? Come, Its Citysiesta Technicals, douse you with bleach, tie and send for analysis. These stereotypes were relevant in ancient times, when pay attention primarily on strength and endurance. Such a man valued more. Stink means it’s working. But times have changed, now brag about their smelly armpits are not fashionable. Now the respect is the person neat, with the whole teeth, washed. If you have an face terrible is one thing, not everyone is destined to be born Volume hardy. But if you don’t, do not be surprised that adults and children running away from your smell, and the police are trying to detain you, taking for the homeless. So watch yourself, wash yourself, treat teeth and well dressed. Street muggers don’t understand, and people will approve.

All men fight

Not all know how to fight – you have to start with this. Unit waving his fists about and no reason to prove that they are. In our time every second of the massacre, something smells barbaric. It’s undignified, and a it took a long time. Some representatives of the «stronger sex» without tears will not look. They are afraid, when you correct the hair. Or strike proud scum (not much), and he starts yelling like he’s put on a stake. Disgusting. Any man should be able to fight. At least try to fend for themselves. Whoever that spoke, and the only counterweight to the power of aggression is fists. However, to use it only for self-defense. Punching someone in the face because you like the look of pours out of the nose bleed, it’s not a man, idiot.

You need to be immense Jock

I have seen ducks wood cuts. Without tears will not look. Exhausted after 10 minutes. Duck convinces everyone that they are a reference to the men that they are the perfect type of all friends. But muscle is not the only ornament to men, of course, if they have not earned through hard physical labor. And not the most important thing. In our time, the mind is valued much higher. And is more common. You need to be physically strong, able to stand up for themselves, provide for themselves and their families, to answer for his words. Everything else – zilch, peacock feathers.

A man should love football

No matter how bitter the author of the article to admit it, but no. If you don’t watch the matches, not interested in goals and Lewandowski Have, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong. Although he often lament about the fact, how can you not love the # 1 sport!? How can you not admire the matches of the English Premier League!? How can you not love to roll the ball, it’s useful! It turns out that you can.

Our furry insides sits the competitive gene. Since the days of gladiators, the men were proud and took pleasure in fighting and defeating each other in anything. Someone, he reflected, someone he squeezed the excess rest. But football is the embodiment of masculinity: there is the power and the skills, and the pain… Although football often resembles a ballet (go back, Gattuso and Keane!). Nevertheless, it determines the matter of taste. Someone more like hockey, where stiffness at times more. And someone sends excitement into the area of gaming, drawing MFA with some crayfish. Some all his passion is directed to disputes and debates, some in the field dispute, reaching them such success that never dreamed of and «the Son of a lawyer». Still, if you football not accustomed to, if a child was standing at the gate and almost professionally engaged in fencing, where the initial stiffness, despite the white socks, even more, where will the football!?

A man should be hairy

Looking at his legs and chest, I want to say so. But if stupid not to grow? What then? Out Ibrahimovic with Schwarzenegger not men, if they have a hair less than Frunzik Mkrtchyan? It’s in the genes in question, like «valocordin» your girlfriend. But shaving your chest, that is, to put it mildly, not a man. I do not understand this.

The path to our heart is through his stomach

One soup, paradoxically, can not eat. If you are pampered with food, congratulations. But to stay with her through borschiv stupid. What kind of a man, if the food important for you? One soup is not enough. Ladies, if you’re reading this, remember, for a time when women’s roles were reduced to silent home care and the production of offspring, has passed. Now, among other things, it would be nice to surprise the mind and other qualities.

Need to fuck everything that moves

They say, look at you, if in your entire sexual history you had only one instance. So, relationships with many virgins do you more experienced, but they are not doing you a real man. So, between the concepts of «Male» and «a Real man» – the abyss. Not every lady seducer has the right to respect. To recall Alfonso and Prokhor Chaliapin.

Be faithful to one woman is absolutely fine. And this does not mean that you are flawed, defective, and weak. Most likely, you’re just lucky to be born family, loyal man to find HIS woman.

Alcohol and meat is roughly

I would not want to offend the gentlemen vegans, but… Oh, everything! Do not want – do not eat! We will get more.

This I mean that among you there are decent and good people. We are what we eat, but the food in the stomach should not determine our behavior.

The same with alcohol. Non-drinking man is no less interesting than drunk. Even in the life-drinker, there are interesting events and they have something to talk about even at this point. If those aren’t moral monsters who have publicly presented their «healthy» lifestyle and condemn meat-eating with alcohol, as the inquisitors condemned Giordano Bruno.

Of course, has its own sacred, otherworldly charm in the glass of whiskey on a cold winter night next to the woman. There is nothing more cosy and intimate than a glass of beer with foam skvarcha. But only if you know how to drink, know the measure and do not get drunk to the point where the song «Lada sedan» and «Dinosaur» begin to seem a masterpiece. It gets rough when you’re the meat I cooked on the coals and intelligent scored a nice drink, not the baggage from a nearby store.

Man earns, a woman brings

Many people prefer to live by this principle. Like, it’s not my job to get money to feed your family, to make the repairs and educate you. And then 13 years before the daughter begins to avoid communication with his father (because to talk to you, they know its a fart about), the son begins to be rude, but do you put the claims to the wife, they say, brought up moral freaks. Complain that the children are not in you went, such a beautiful and smart. Want good, take part in education, try to understand them «stupid» interest, give them an example in real time, and not in words.

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