Stephen Hawking has made a statement, which many people do not like


Stephen Hawking is an amazing man! His brief bio can be found in this article.

16 APR Hawking read a lecture to the younger generation of physicists at the California Institute of technology. Look at this picture, dude, and look how many people want to promote science! The sight our eyes wetted avaricious man’s tear. It is worth noting that the lovers were gathered for 12 hours before the lecture to see the living legend.


He made several statements that are unlikely to appeal to some segments of the population. They especially won’t like this. He said that his whole life researching the theory of the origin of the Universe and came to the conclusion that most likely the Big Bang happened without divine intervention of overmind. «What was God doing before the divine creation? Was preparing hell for those people who would dare to ask such questions?» joked Stephen Hawking. In short, a scientist does not believe in God, does not believe that he created the Universe.

M-theory that Hawking presses. The gist of it is that many different universes, some have life and some are not, some have intelligent life, and some nothing. These universes have arisen from literally nothing.

Stephen also assured all present that in the next thousand years it is urgent to get off the Ground because she can not feed. We don’t mind, man, although it is likely that we will die even sooner.

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