Stephen Hawking and the facts of his life


Some people can name at least five famous scientists of our time. But almost always in the first place is Stephen Hawking. If these people really know who he is.

Somehow, no one remembers Richard Dawkins the biologist and atheist who, in his book «the God delusion» has made atheists of many people. And painless. But the Parents remember everything, and his book «a brief history of time». And why? Yes, because the dude in the wheelchair just wildly cool. And he was able to show people that science is cool, too.

Like most people who think outside the box, Hawking very poorly in school. With a little effort, he managed to achieve in order to receive mediocre results, but higher, to the level of a student, Hawking to rise and could not. Boring school subjects Stephen chose physics. He also loved to disassemble the devices and watch. Only here back audience was lazy. To observe the real world Hawking also loved. However, even then Hawking called Einstein — was for that, the guy was a scholar and free to go to Oxford.


It’s hard to believe, but until the disease struck Stephen, he was a member of the rowing team. However, it was the steering is a little sporty, but still cool.

Under 21 years of Steven’s condition deteriorated, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease is when the body gradually loses muscle control. Then the doctors said that He will not survive for weeks. They were wrong. Then he married his nurse, Jane — maybe that’s why he survived?


However, Hawking in his life was wrong, too. For example, black holes. He believed that they in its way something of a paradox in which dissolves all the information without a trace. Dude even made a bet with American theoretical physicist John Priscilla, but in 2004 admitted that he was wrong. It was very masculine.


Hawking has received about 12 honorary degrees, however, in spite of everything never received the Nobel prize. It’s pretty sad, but there’s still time. He is also the commander of the British Empire, which is in second place after chivalry.

Since Stephen is a scientific atheist, he preaches his «faith» to children. Simply put, Stephen writes books for children, where children’s language explains what black holes and all sorts of other scientific stuff. And that’s cool.


In 2008, Hawking said that he believes in alien life, and all because according to him the universe has no end, because she, like the Earth is round or something like that. According to the scholar, certainly primitive life is very common, but smart is rare.


It is worth noting that the scientist is a passionate fan of the cybernetic technologies and sees nothing wrong with how to replace body parts with cybernetic prostheses and to become cyborgs.

In 2007, when Hawking was 65 years old, he fulfilled his dream: to fly in space, in addition, he noted that it’s not done just so, and to prove that we need urgently to bring down. And rightly so: what else is there to do?


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