Steep, but not crazy why run in winter

why run in winter

Not far off the New year, many people tend to consider it concurrently the beginning of a new life. All is good, except for one thing — people hate change. Do you think that January will be kinder, will eat less, more exercise, drive slower, drink less, become more generous and stop watching soap operas? This is too much for one person, and that means you fail all tasks to a single.

Instead of radically change your life, better try this: change something in it one and really get used to this change. I got one suggestion that will improve the state of your health and affect your appearance. You don’t even have to wait for January to start now.

I suggest you start running down the street every day, whatever the weather. See, now you look in the window, making snow or puddles (depending on what you have there for the climate) and think, «What the fuck am I supposed to do?» Excellent question.

Why winter is a good runner

Being outside is nice. Paradoxically, the fact: people who run on the street, run more, try harder and get more enjoyment from the process. When you get used, you will start to enjoy running (even in winter!) more than a sad imitation in the gym on the treadmill. Who runs on treadmills? Pointless device. Another motivational moment in the women on the street: the treadmill can be turned off at any time and go home, but if you leave the house for three kilometres, taking the money, you will inevitably have to return. That’s what I call motivation.

This is more convenient. Imagine that you won’t have to warm the car and go to the gym — just get out of the house. Running on the street saves time. Especially when under the Windows of the stadium, and the wardrobe is a pair of sneakers is a crime not to use these circumstances to your benefit.

It makes you hard. Life in General is tough stuff, while running on the street in winter, makes you to match this stiffness. He strengthens you both physically and mentally. Moreover, you become stronger when you learn that any obstacles can be overcome with additional effort. Want to become more ambitious and learn to go for their goals? Running outside in cold weather will give you what you need. Remember: any physical activity reduces stress and you start easier to cope with life’s adversities.

Sounds good, but it’s cold outside. I agree. I’ll tell you one secret which will help you not to quit.

Spend money on it.

Not tens of thousands of rubles, but at least some money. Hobbies always require an investment. Trust me, it’s much cheaper than a gym membership. In addition, running costs much less than the services of a therapist who at one time skinned with depressive poor obscene amount of thousands of rubles. Don’t ask how I know this.

If you are investing in your equipment, it will give you two benefits: it will empower your confidence and help you not to freeze your ass. Confidence in own ability to perform an action increases motivation. If you have enough cross-country clothes for cold weather, you’ll feel obliged to run. At the end of the run, you’re still going to feel like a hero or at least a stiff upper lip.

I started running when I acquired an excellent tank. They liked me so much (and love so far) what I learned: don’t use them to their destination — so to mock them. Then what? Then there was a run in November, including this morning. Wear tight sportstony, high quality jacket, cap — and-forth. It costs money, it costs good money, but you see every day in the closet of their equipment, and you can’t doubt that tomorrow morning you run again. Why else do you buy them?

If you go in sportmagazin, there you will find everything you need, and sellers will consult you on any occasion. So, you need to:

  • taytsy for running in the winter (you can buy even a few for different temperatures);
  • gloves (the same: it is possible for different degrees of cold);
  • thermal underwear (so you do not freeze);
  • windbreaker (it all depends on your region, the other in Siberia, I did not dare to run in the winter because it was very cold);
  • hat for running (I don’t bother and run in normal human Bini — the main thing that without the big POM-POM);
  • of course, shoes.

Of course, Moscow was not built and titsy for different temperatures were bought at different times. No need to throw your entire cache at once, can buy some clothes and something to ask for as a gift for the New year, if you really got carried away with the idea.

Safety tips

In the winter it is slippery, and it increases the level of trauma run several times. To prevent slipping of nowhere, run around the stadium: they have with each school, and schools in any area. Surely there you will find the company of other runners. Why is it good? First, dark winter morning, and the company will compensate for the darkness. Second, if you fall off, other guys from the stadium will notice this and help you. Just in case, put it in your jacket pocket a cell phone: you never know, suddenly you’re somewhere fell, and there is no one around. At least you’ll be able to call for help.

And last: don’t expect one day will become from noobs to experienced winter runner. This do not come immediately, gradually, slowly and slowly. Of course, there will always be people who will call themselves crazy — people do love to gossip, whatever you’re doing. They’re probably just jealous of your good form and strength of will.

That’s all business. Good winter and a nice jog!

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