Steampunk bow


Steampunk is now just incredibly trendy. Especially don’t like that old lover of steampunk, which took them a very long time under the influence of, for example, the game Arcanum. These people such hysteria around their current downright kills.

However, there are advantages: a large number of steampunk stuff that you can buy anywhere. Today we show you very cool thing from one workshop to the people of the steampunk community in Barcelona. This is a small steampunk bow. Of course, I don’t think the arrow shot from it will fly quite far: too small and it looks undignified. Though the creators assure us that he still shoots. Let it be so, shall we say. The bow itself is made of plastic and metal. Plastic makes it easy, some parts are upholstered with leather, though, he still looks like a souvenir — undignified. Let’s just say the steampunkers prefer to product is in this spirit that really worked.


And you can buy one for $ 100 on the website of various products

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