Stealing erotic toys… $ 500 bucks

the sex toy 500$1038203897

This beautiful girl is named Chelsea Coates strongly resentful. It and is clear: the girl stole a lot dear to her heart items. Really a lot. This Monday from the trunk of a sedan of Chelsea, which was parked near her home, some criminals took… a chest with erotic toys, estimated by experts (from the experts) in the amount of $ 500.

In addition to Chelsea’s car in her neighborhood had been robbed five cars, took with them boxes and bags of dildos and vibrators, we do not know. In conversation with Chelsea, the investigator learned that this collection of girl was collecting for a future bachelorette party. Don’t want to think that they are going to do there (time, want to think about it!).

The officer barely restrained laughter, but still asked Chelsea to describe all the items that were there. Yes, it could be uncomfortable.

By the way, stealing toys is found very often. For example, recently a guy in Ohio stole THESE things 800 bucks. Where the world is heading?

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